Martial Arts: The Best Combat Sports for Self-Defense

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When a person is attacked, instincts will come into play in various ways. One of them is self-defense even when it is not much you can do. This includes blocking the attack or even attacking back. But if you knew of a few methods of self-defense, then it could save you. Those who are engaged in one of the many types of martial arts sports may find it easy to defend themselves. It is definitely time to pick one of these martial arts sports and gain the defense skills that you need.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

If you have been following the UFC, you will notice that many participants do not have a particular style they use. It is all about fighting in the best way at a given moment. They combine all styles of martial arts to create MMA. However, they are also taught numerous defense styles based on possible attacks from an opponent. It is becoming popular for people to engage in this sport because it is comprehensive.

Muay Thai

This is a style of kickboxing from Thailand that focuses on exercising the lower body. Those who have mastered it are the best at self-defense. Also, the clinch style allows the participants to include other martial arts sports, and they can defend themselves in any situation. Even a partial mastery of this martial art will be of help because you can make use of kicks, blows and the knees.


This is one of the best martial arts for defense because you get to lock the joints of your attackers and take them to the ground. It also involves a lot of chokeholds and hitting sensitive areas to weaken an opponent. After a few seconds, your attacker will be helpless on the floor. The size of your opponent does not matter as long as you know where to target to weaken your opponent. According to experts, even gigantic athletes who usually take enhancements from Steroids Evolution can be easily taken down using this martial art.


As soon as martial arts are mentioned, most people think about karate because it is very popular. It is from Japan, and it means empty hands. However, Karate experts can defend themselves from a variety of weapons used in attacks. There are numerous clubs that teach people karate including clubs for kids. This is because it is an enjoyable sport that promotes fitness. On top of being a defense-oriented sport, participants also have to be fit through engaging in particular workouts that strengthen the muscles and joints.

Kung Fu

This is a Chinese martial art that is popularly practiced as a sport these days. Back home, it is taught in schools and in many sports clubs. You can learn kung fu for self-defense anywhere whether you are in China or not. With the numerous tutorials available, obtaining defense skills from kung fu is very easy. It embraces different styles of fighting from various regions in China. Kung fu masters are especially fast although they can look slow. Therefore, they greatly rely on the senses to predict what the opponent will do next and prepare to defend.


This is the last martial art style to discuss. Boxing has evolved as a sport, and it is now played all over the world. If you have some knowledge of boxing, you are lucky because it is very effective. In fact, the main focus of boxing is about defending yourself.

With these martial arts sports, your life will be changed completely. You can easily handle that rough person who is intent on intimidating you through an attack. However, it is extremely crucial to know that running away from any potential trouble is the best defense a person has.

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