Prepping for 2021- What to Expect

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Everyone hopes that 2021 will be better than 2020, but there are many things that expert survivalists warn we must prepare for this year. The primary goal is to protect your family and make sure you’re prepared for anything to happen. Here are the big things to prep for this year so you can get the tactical survival gear and supplies you need.

More Job Loss Associated with the Pandemic

If you thought that job loss would end with 2021, unfortunately, you’re wrong. Last March, businesses shut down everywhere, leaving many people without jobs or temporarily laid off. Even those who worked from home weren’t spared as they lost clients, too.

As the government continues to try to manage the spread of COVID-19, some cities and counties may temporarily shut down businesses as the COVID numbers rise. So, are you prepared to lose your job if something happens?

What if you can’t afford your electricity or water? Are you ready for a serious personal economic crisis (or apocalypse, as some are calling it)? Stock up on the household items you need in case you lose your job. Just buy a few extra cans of food each time you buy groceries.

What will you do for medical care? If you have the room, put back as much as possible because you may just be without an income for 30 days or six months. It’s the fear of the unknown that makes situations like this scary. You can combat fear by prepping in advance.

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World-Wide Economic Collapse

The most immediate crisis to prepare for, which has a rippling effect, is a complete global economic collapse–and, unfortunately, it could be looming on the horizon. No country was spared from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some restaurants and stores closed never to open again, and that’s sad.

Over time, economies have risen and fallen, but now every economy is connected, which amplifies a crisis like this. Trading stops if the stock market drops too far in one day in America. Built-in circuit breakers stop trading nationally if the stock market experiences a dramatic drop. But the time they take to work varies.

A huge decrease in any economy’s stock markets or competing countries or currencies would have a domino effect on other economies. Those closely connected or those that neighbor that specific country will find this to be even more true. The economic downturn predicted is scary as some economies may decrease by up to 30 percent.

Most countries are also suffering as tourism and travel all but stopped in 2020. Nothing can stop a substantial global economic collapse once it starts, and with the U.S. dealing with an economic downturn as bad as the Great Depression, it’s frightening.

Think about how bad the Great Depression was, and then think of the similar characteristics that it has had with the problems our country faced in 2020. The loss of jobs and long food pantry lines show just how bad things have been.

Once again, this is where prepping comes in. Be prepared for crumbling infrastructures and community resources. Know where you can get food and water with no grocery stores or city water resources.

Whether you stock up on survival food kits or grow and hunt your own food, make sure you have the basic things you need to survive–food, shelter, water and warmth. You should also have a first aid kit prepared.

Be Prepared for Firearms Restrictions and Price Increases

Politics continue to affect 2nd amendment rights, so get ready for steeper prices to buy and register firearms. Politicians across the country continue to lobby for higher taxes on licensing and registering guns. However, it still won’t keep the guns out of the hands of the bad guys.

Already, businesses are limiting the amount of ammo you can buy, and they’re selling out in just a few hours after receiving a shipment of ammunition. The government could have control over your firearms like never before.

Depending on where you live, there may be huge changes to gun laws, so be prepared. Buy the ammo you need and make sure you have the weapons you need to defend yourself. A good shotgun and handgun are great to keep on hand, and many Americans keep rifles at home.

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When it comes to the year 2021, the best solution is to be as prepared as possible. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best because, at some point, you will face a crisis. The emergency may be a personal problem like losing your job or a natural disaster that wipes out community resources.

We’ve seen the worst in people, but we’ve also banded together in hard times. Let’s focus on being better people and making sure you and your family have the supplies you need to survive.




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  1. Trevor Jolly

    As someone with the genetic background and tears of experience in all kinds of ‘survival’ I’ve gotta tell you you’ve got hold of the wrong end of the shitstick in most of your comments. For example (my problem):- half a $mill. can be turned to shit almost instantly by things like 1. Government decree on many levels. eg Current declaration (Oz) to move to a cashless economy/plastic ‘bankcards’ that can be manipulated/struck out or withheld by bank-decision ~ an authority currently being instituted. etc etc. INCLUDING THE PROHIBITION ON DEALING IN GOLD. (AS WAS THE CASE IN THE US DURING THE WAR.) 2. Hyperinflation (google ‘Hyperinflation Germany’ 1923) (3) Recognition of the NONE-VALUE of ANY form of currency, by the ‘relevant authority’. 3…the reverse of the previous circumstance. I notice the Chinese government recently recognised ‘cryptocurrency’ as legal tender inline with CNY or RMB. NONE of the currencies around the world have any intrinsic ‘value’. And it’s getting worse: I give it 12-18 months before the shit hits the fan.
    Bottom line for ‘value’ is that if you can’t eat it or wipe your arse with it, it HAS NO VALUE. Find alternatives.
    Likewise most other issues you mention. I lived a DIY existence in the bush for years (including evading horde of coppers hunting me for weeks on a couple of occasions): grew/killed food, built houses (up to required ‘official’ standards) and created/invented/reused things as needed. All good.
    But looking at the current stampede from the cities to the bush(supposedly because of the Covid virus), I’ve done some serious rethinking, and decided the city offers better possibilities. Happy to discuss, but realise that while hunting elusive wombats is one option, hunting neighbours you don’t like is MUCH more efficient. 😉
    ps re: hyperinflation:- Hitler deliberately printed excess currency in order to pay off the WW1 debt imposed ~ and sent SHIPLOADS of Billion and Trillion Marks off. I note (news last week)that the Reserve Bank in Oz is worrying that they’re NOT able to INCREASE inflation quickly enough: one reason being the official interest-rte is slipping into ‘negative’ territory. That means YOU’LL have to pay banks ‘interest’ to hold YOUR money. Tie that to the ‘cashless economy’/funds only transferable via plastic cards or ‘online’ (ie cryptocurrencies stored in cyberspace) and you can see Armageddon on the horizon…. Not to mention (including BigBrother surveillance) absolute control of every individual by ‘The Authority’. Hitler would’ve sold his grandmother to the jews for such a system! All things considered I’d wipe the smile off the
    face on your website!

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