12 Everyday Habits You Can Change to Reduce Air Pollution

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Pollution is a grave problem which humanity is facing today, and the saddest part is that it is a man-made problem. The most disturbing type of pollution that has caused health hazards in many cities is air pollution. Thousands of people are deprived of breathing fresh air and they are stuck in their homes in front of an air purifier hence it is high time we contribute to reducing air pollution by doing these simple things.

1. Use Public Transportation or Carpool

Using less of your vehicle and carpooling or taking public transport is a great way to start from as you will be contributing fewer pollutants to the atmosphere by not using your car whose emissions increases air pollutants.

2. Buy Energy Efficient Vehicles

There are so many energy-efficient vehicles introduced in the market to address the issue of air pollution. The option of getting a hybrid vehicle will help you not worry about contributing to air pollution as your vehicle runs using electricity without burning fuel that causes emissions.

3. Get Regular Car Check-Up Done

Your car needs to be serviced regularly to run at its maximum efficiency which will minimize the emissions causing pollution. Make sure all the car equipment is checked, too, or bought from reputable vendors, such as buying your towbar from Speedy Towbars if you’re in Australia.

4. Drive Smartly

When you drive, make sure you do not cross the speed limit and switch off your engines when the traffic signal is red to reduce the emissions from the vehicle.

5. Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

Go for appliances that are energy rated and opt for the highest-rated ones as the energy consumption is lesser in them

6. Turn Off Lights When Not in Use

Switch off all lights, appliances, and devices when not in use. Do not overcharge your phones and laptops. Make use of LED bulbs as they are highly energy efficient.

7. Use Solar Energy

Many buildings have solar panels installed to heat water which can save a ton of energy and also will cost you lesser in the long run.

8. Use a Pellet Stove Instead

Use a certified pellet stove instead of oil stove as the lesser oil you will use, the better it is for the atmosphere due to the reduction of greenhouse gases and other byproducts. Get dkbrænde 8 mm of high-quality wood pellets that are of high quality and ensures that you get the least possible ash, slag and hassle out of using them.

9. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Always opt for recyclable products when available and recycle as much as you can to reuse it later. Also, minimize the waste and segregate them to separate the recyclable waste from regular waste.

10. Get an Energy Audit Done for your Home

Energy companies offer free home audits to check the energy efficiency in your home and also to advise you on how you can conserve energy. This is not just helpful for the environment but you as well because you will get lesser utility bills.

11. Plant a Garden

Planting trees will not only add greenery but also lessen air pollution as plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, hence grow plants and encourage others to do so.

12. Educate Others

It is not enough if you are the only one who is doing all these as it is essential that more and more people join in this initiative and help in reducing pollution from our environment hence motive and educate the community around you to do the same.

The air pollution is such a serious issue in today’s date that people living in many big cities have started using respirators and mask to protect themselves hence it is the need of the hour to bring the air pollution levels under control or else it will be too late.

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