15 of the Most Dangerous Cities to Live In

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America is seeing a resurgence of violence across the country, with guns being used in murders, robberies, and aggravated assaults nationwide. It’s a scary fact that some cities are simply more violent than others. But, while this might be unnerving, you can prepare yourself to remain safe whether living in or traveling to one of the cities listed below. One way to ensure you are always prepared is to attach keychain protection to keys, bag or EDC.

Investigative site 24/7 Wall St. recently reviewed the violent crime rates of major U.S. cities, thanks to the FBI’s 2017 Uniform Crime Report (based on their violent crime rate). The top 15 most dangerous cities to live in in the U.S. are as follows, with the notated number of homicides that took place there in 2017:

15. San Bernardino, California – 34 Homicides

14. Oakland, California – 69 Homicides

13. Indianapolis, Indiana – 156 Homicides

12. Springfield, Missouri – 14 Homicides

11. Albuquerque, New Mexico – 70 Homicides

10. Stockton, California – 55 Homicides

9. Cleveland, Ohio – 107 Homicides

8. Rockford, Illinois – 18 Homicides

7. Milwaukee, Wisconsin – 118 Homicides

6. Little Rock, Arkansas – 55 Homicides

5. Kansas City, Missouri – 150 Homicides

4. Memphis, Tennessee – 181 Homicides

3. Baltimore, Maryland – 342 Homicides

2. Detroit, Michigan – 267 Homicides

1. St. Louis, Missouri – 205 Homicides

While these are considered some of the most dangerous cities to live in in the United States, the fact is that people still live here (one of them might be you). Regular people live within these cities and are at risk of becoming involved in a violent crime without their knowledge. It’s an unsettling truth we must remember when living or traveling through these cities. But there are ways you, as a citizen, can take measured steps to ensure your safety on the streets. The best way to protect yourself is to prepare for any scenario. Preparation is the key to self-defense and overall protection. Preparation can come in various forms, but one of the best things you can do to keep yourself safe within any of these cities is to discreetly carry a self-defense weapon that can be used only if necessary.

For ultimate preparation, you should be trained with this self-defense device, as you don’t want to be using it for the first time in the moment. Some martial arts studies will offer self-defense classes for women or certain businesses will provide open self-defense courses to anyone who would like the training. Besides teaching you basic physical restraints and maneuvers to keep yourself protected, they might also train you with the self-defense device you prefer to keep on you. While there are many different types of self-defense devices available on the market, there are a few that can provide you with the most reliable means of self-defense.

Non-Lethal Weapons Meant for Self-Defense

Mace and Pepper Spray

Self-defense devices such as mace and pepper spray are useful items to protect yourself against an attack while keeping distance between you and your aggressor. While people might use the name of these two devices interchangeably, there is a difference between them: Mace is a chemical compound similar to tear gas while pepper spray is made from the extracts of extremely hot peppers; thus, mace is an irritant while pepper spray will, due to its primary inflammatory agent, cause numbing of the face and temporary blindness.

The benefit of both products is that they can be sprayed from a distance, and the packaging they are housed in can be stored discreetly in a purse, bag, or jacket pocket, allowing you to effectively carry an item of self-defense with ease.

Stun Gun, Baton, Taser

If you need something to fend off an attacker while truly incapacitating them, a stun gun, baton, or taser will do the trick. With the ability to be easily stored on your person, this device can be readily pulled out and directed at an aggressor, shocking them with millions of volts of power to bring them to a halt. Recent advancements in technology have paired stun devices and flashlights, creating the stun flashlight—a device that can be used to incapacitate an assailant via electric shock or near-blindness due to intense light.

More Intense Defense Weapons


If your life is being threatened by someone, either in a random skirmish or due to an unforeseen robbery in the wrong part of town, it is worth fighting back with considerable force. In most cases, it’s best for you to take measured steps to fend off an aggressor for long enough that you can escape the situation safely. A concealed knife is a great way to give you a last line of defense. Recent technology offers more inconspicuous methods of hiding a personal knife to ensure safety on public transport, city sidewalks, and more.


Meant as the last line of defense, guns are a useful device for self-defense, but they should be used with extreme caution. Not only is personal safety a concern when in possession of a firearm, but it is imperative that it should be used only if your life is considered to be in absolute danger. If you are expecting to be traveling through a considerably dangerous part of one of the cities listed above, it might be in your best interest to travel while concealed carrying.

Under dangerous circumstances, there are many ways you can protect yourself, but it’s most important to take measures to ensure you are prepared. With preparation comes safety. Prepare for the worst and rest easy with resultant peace of mind. If anything happens, you’ll at least be ready to handle the situation and move on with life.

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