Bugging it Out: 7 Things That Should Be Part Of Your Doomsday Kit

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We all know that Doomsday is inevitable and it’s only a matter of time that it’ll come. When that day does happen, we all should be prepared to bug out and brave the outdoors. A person who doesn’t have the proper preparations would only bring disaster to themselves and worse, their group — bugging out means being prepared and facing the outcomes of the harsh environment.

So you think you’re ready for it? Before even stepping out of the door, let’s take a close look at the things that you should bring along your journey. First and foremost, it’s important to note that you should have a bag that can store a lot of items. Here’s a list of the essentials for bugging it out during Doomsday.

Dry Bag

Although it may sound redundant, having a waterproof dry bag to store your primary bag is essential and life-saving. There’ll be times that you’ll need to traverse through the water. When this happens, it’s important that your items should never get wet. A dry bag can save all your essential gear and things from getting water inside.


Always have potable water by your side when you go out. Plan how much water you’ll bring depending on how many days you’ll be gone. A gallon should be enough for a three-day adventure. It’s also vital that you bring a small container and iodine tablets to purify any water that you may find outside. Always remember to keep your body hydrated at all times.


Canned goods, energy bars, quick and easy to prepare meals are ideal food items to bring along during a run. Remember to ration your food properly so you can last for more extended periods outdoors. Having easy to prepare food eliminates the need for you to cook it, making it a quick and reliable source of energy.


There are a lot of things that can happen outside. Scrapes inside the comfort of your own home are easy to treat. However, minor scratches outdoors can lead to more severe conditions such as an infection. When you’re out in the wilderness, being weak can only point you towards disaster. To avoid such a fate, it’s good that you pack medication along.

Bring antibiotics, painkillers, antipyretic drugs, and other medical items. Medical Items should include bandages, gauzes, a tourniquet, hydrogen peroxide, iodine solutions, etc. Always prepare for whatever injuries you might have along the way because it only takes a few things to make a small scratch into a crippling, full-blown infection.


Another thing that you shouldn’t leave out is a multi-tool. There will be times that you need some tool to do a specific task say like, cutting a rope or opening a can. A Multi-tool is a piece of unique and versatile equipment to have when you’re out.

If you don’t have a multi-tool, you can bring tools that have multiple purposes. For example, a machete can cut through grass and can split wood by hammering a rock on top of the hard part of the machete. A Machete can also double as a weapon should the need ever arise.


It may seem cumbersome but bringing along electronics isn’t a bad idea if you want to spend a great deal of time outdoors. Electronics such as CP Tech rugged computer systems, handheld radios, tabs, mobile phones, etc. can help you listen to other survivors or preppers out in the field. Communication is essential as a few critical pieces of intel can be the thing that can save you.

Of course, bringing electronics will require you to have a reliable power source. Pack up batteries and chargers along with your gadgets so you can go far with your journey.


If you don’t want to end up running in circles, then you should always consider bringing a map. Even if you think you’re familiar with an area, you might still get lost within. Having a map can at least get you back on track. Maps also allow you to strategize when you want to go to a specific place.


People think that if they’re prepared enough, they believe the outdoors won’t be of a match for them. That’s where they get it all wrong. Having the best equipment should always compliment a person’s skill if they want to survive for a long time in the wilderness.

Having the right tools such as a machete or a multi-tool for doing tasks, a radio or a mobile phone for gathering intel, and having the right amount of provisions will ensure that you have the best chances of surviving out in the outdoors.

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