Conquering The Heat: Things You Need to Do to Survive a Fire Calamity

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Fire is one of the elements that we need to survive. It has many uses, most likely in cooking. Ironically, as much as how useful it is in our lives, fire also brings an alarming threat to all of us. It can easily burn our possessions into ashes, including lives.

There are already a lot of fire incidents that took thousands of lives and burned billions of properties. It is very alarming, that’s why we need to be ready and take necessary precautions for us to survive when a fire comes.

Be Aware and Prepare

Before a fire robs us of our precious lives and belongings, we should take action and perform necessary precautions. We should:


  • We should regularly check all wirings and dyer pipelines in our properties, and see to it that it’s safely intact and unclogged. If you do find damage, call a professional electrician or plumber to fix it and prevent further deterioration and avoid a fire hazard.


From time to time, make sure that there are no things within the premises of fire-prone places such as chimneys and dryers. To be more secure, adding a screen at the fireplace is a good precaution.


  • Practice Fire Drills. Even if it feels like impossible to have a fire in your place, it is best to prepare and practice some fire drill with your family or colleagues. Discuss with them the exit points of the property when there is fire. Also, make sure that you have two exit plans whenever a fire comes.

Conquer the Fire

When the fire comes, and it looks like you can’t handle it anymore, there are ways for you and your family to follow to survive this kind of incident carefully. Consider reading the information below for you to gain knowledge on what to do when there is fire.


  • Dial 911. When a fire blows off, and you can no longer put it off with fire extinguishers, call 911. Dialing 911 only means that you should call the emergency services that is nearest to your location, particularly the fire department. Be calm, and state your address clearly when you give your location to them.


As you call, state your complete address by saying the street, block, city and the zip code of your property. After making a call, be patient and wait for the responders. Do not do anything that could hurt you and your family. Usually, it takes 10 to 15 minutes before emergency services reach their destinations.


  • As soon as you hear the fire alarm, call out the attention of everybody in your place and execute a fire evacuation. Set up a meeting place and crouch out of your property.


  • Be Calm. If you feel trapped by fire and think that fire is all over the corners of the property, do not panic. Keep yourself calm and think of ways to survive the fire. Close all the doors in the room and look for smoke entryways and block it by putting a wet fabric on the openings. It will keep you safe until the responders come.


  • Exit Wisely. As you execute your evacuation, it is very important that you exit wisely. Think and carefully evacuate to avoid the risk of getting hurt or worse being dead. Always get low on your way out, crawl down to avoid inhaling smoke as it always rises when there is fire.


Furthermore, always check the doors before opening it, feel for heat and look for smoke, this is a sign that there’s fire on the other side of the door.  If so, look for another way to exit and always close the doors or windows behind you to minimize the amount of oxygen that can fuel up the fire.

Stay Out Into an Open Air


If you manage to get out of the fire, go to open air and breathe out. Calm yourself and contact the emergency services. Check all your colleagues or family members if they also manage to get out safely. If someone is missing, report it immediately to the responders and do not think, and never re-enter that burning property.


The risk of fire in the society that we are living nowadays is increasing rapidly. It burned out billions of properties and took thousands of lives all over the world. That’s why it is necessary for us to be aware of the things that we should do on how to avoid or how to survive a fire.


We should always take necessary precautions to preserve precious lives and properties. The information mentioned above can be a great help for you to consider in dealing with fire. Also, sites like Deal Wiki is an excellent reference for your fire precaution needs.

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    Close all the doors in the room and look for smoke entryways and block it by putting a wet fabric on the openings. It will keep you safe until the responders come.

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