Does Pepper Spray Really Work For Self Defense?

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Due to rising criminal offenses a lot of people are learning to be vigilant and learn self defense for protection. This caused a rise in popularity among self defense schools and weapons being sold in the market.  Among the most popular are the pepper sprays. One of the top selling pepper sprays today are the oleoresin capsicum or OC pepper sprays which comes in different kinds and sizes. It is a reddish-orange oily substance insoluble to water which originated from the best chili peppers worldwide. Almost 15,000 Americans use this type of pepper spray for individual protection.

There are many types of pepper spray in the market but the ones that are commonly sold are those in aerosol kind containers in different sizes with some just as little as a lipstick tube. Pepper spray key chains are also very popular because of its handiness. Depending on the size of the pepper spray it can be fired a couple of times with an effective range of between 8 to 20 feet. The capacity of the pepper spray depends on its size and system, so be sure to do your research first to find the pepper spray that works best for you.

How Pepper Spray Works

A lot of people are asking if pepper spray really works against an assailant. To understand its effectiveness we need to know its effects on a target. The pepper spray works by irritating the skin, eyes, and mucous membrane of a target causing breathing problems and severe throat pain that could stop any assailant immediately.

There are times when assailants are intoxicated with alcohol and drugs that they do not feel physical pain. By using a pepper spray you will totally incapacitate their sight and breathing that you can stop them right at their tracks and get enough time to escape or call for help. Most sprays could cause blindness and irritation to a target for 10 minutes to an hour.

No matter how big or violent an assailant is a pepper spray can stop anyone on their tracks if used properly. You need to learn how to use it efficiently by reading the manual or watching video tutorials so you can easily defend yourself against an aggressor. Policemen carry pepper sprays to effectively neutralize criminals in a non-lethal way.


Learning how to properly use a pepper spray is very important to increase its effectiveness and capacity. First thing you need to do is establish an effective range between you and the attacker to make sure that you can hit the target in his face or eyes and at the same time avoid inhaling the spray yourself. Do not spray it all at once, launch a 1 to 2 burst of sprays to the target’s face and retreat. If you missed on the first 2 bursts then you still have enough left in your spray to do another set of bursts.

Be vigilant and observe how the aggressor reacts to the spray, if you think that the first burst is not enough then launch another set of bursts until you incapacitate him. Always remember that spray and technique is important to utilize the effectiveness of the spray. Once the assailant is incapacitated and disarmed you can flee or call 911 for assistance.

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    Thanks for explaining how self-defense pepper spray can help bypass the tendency of an intoxicated assailant to not feel pain. I’m thinking about buying more equipment for self-defense because I’ve been hearing rumors about petty thefts here and there from time to time. I’d like to make sure that I am always prepared to defend myself should something come up.

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