How To Make And Reload Your Own Ammo

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People choose to make and reload their own ammo for many reasons. Self sufficiency, SHTF situations and hobbyists. It’s not hard to do, but it can take time getting into the swing of things.

The next question people ask is how much it costs and more specifically, if it’s cheaper to reload your own ammo or to buy it in bulk. The answer can depend on the type of ammo you’re reloading, but often times its cheaper to buy in bulk.

Regardless, when your talking about an interest in reloading, and the ability to use it for survival, it’s a huge skill set advantage.

When you start off, here’s a list of equipment you’ll need to get started:

  1. Bullet Reloader
  2. Reloading Dies (one set for each type of bullet)
  3. Bullet Brass
  4. Bullet Projectiles
  5. Powder Primers
  6. Ammo Boxes
  7. Calipers
  8. Scale (measuring in grains and measuring hundredths or thousands)
  9. Reloading Manual
  10. Powder Funnel
  11. Bullet Puller
  12. Case Tumbler
  13. Case Lube

Here’s a video overview of all the listed equipment with a description of cost and specifications on each.

Next you need to learn the actual reload process. Here’s a comprehensive 30 minute video on how to do it end to end.

Here you can also see more of the best reload kits reviewed.

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