Ladies Camping Hacks – Best Clothes for A Cosy and Fashionable Camping

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The outdoors, the sound of the birds singing, the wind in your hair and a cozy campfire in the night while you’re cuddled with your sweetheart – sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Camping has so many wonderful benefits, starting from allowing you to be in nature and enjoy fresh air, hiking, learning invaluable survival skills and so much more. Also, if you decide to go camping with your sweetheart, or maybe just with your girlfriends and you’re a true glam girl, you’ll want to look good at all times. This means that you’ll need to wear some fashionable outdoor clothing even when pitching a tent, starting a fire and hiking.

Thermal wear

Thermal wear is essential when you decide to go camping during autumn or early spring because it’ll make sure you’re always warm. Catching a cold is the last thing you want when adventuring in the great outdoors with your friends, so make sure you stock up on wool socks, leggings and bring a good sleeping bag. If you’re camping with your partner, bringing a double sleeping bag will be a good idea because you’ll keep each other warm with your body heat. To ensure extra warmth and comfort, bring foam tiles and place it on the ground. This will help you feel more at home, and withstand the outdoors easily.

A cute hat

Be it cold or warm weather, a hat will be an invaluable piece of clothes. A wool cap is both stylish and efficient for chilly autumn days. Bring a bandana and wrap it around your head to hide your messy hair but also protect your head from the sun while making it a statement piece of your outfit. It can also double up as a sweatband, a headband, and even as a pee rag. Because it’s sterile you’ll avoid various urinary infections that you may end up with, by using toilet paper when hiking. Regardless of the weather keep your face (and the rest of your skin) protected from the sun and don’t forget to slather on some sunscreen. A fedora hat and even a baseball cap will offer enough shade and style for your camping adventure.

Comfy sweaters

It’s essential that you’re cozy during camping, so don’t forget to pack your soft roll neck and your chunky sweater. They’ll both go great under a jacket or even a vest if it’s not too nippy. For early spring and late autumn camping, a warm knitwear cardigan should be a must-pack wardrobe piece. You can easily wrap a cardigan around your shoulders and have it with you at all times. It’ll fit easily in your backpack so don’t forget to pack it along with other camping essentials such as a water bottle, a bear spray, a headlamp, sunblock, and a mosquito repellent. If you’re going to camp by the water, mosquito repellent will be of great importance because those kinds of areas are swamped with these buzzing nuances. A water filter will also come in handy for clean water supply.


A fashionable vest will keep you warm, cozy and stylish. Layering is the best policy to follow when going camping so a vest will be great to throw over a hoody, a sweater or even over your favorite denim jacket. Keep it on you during breezy mornings and take it off easily when the sun hits around noon because a hoody will be enough to protect you from cold. Whether you opt for a pair of jeans or maybe cargo pants, a vest will look good either way, while also warming you up.

A warm jacket

Nothing beats a good protective jacket, and if it’s waterproof even better. In case you hit rainy weather make sure you have your raincoat with you. Whether you wear it with your jeans, track pants or capri pants, you’ll be wearing rubber boots when the rain hits so the entire outfit will spread full-on camping vibe. Consider bringing a long coat as well, and if you coordinate it right with the rest of the wardrobe it’ll look amazing while offering you enough warmth too.

Functional footwear

You’ll need footwear that you can walk comfortably in and that will keep your feet protected too. Forget about flip flops, sandals and ballerina flats, because camping will involve plenty of hiking and exploring woods, sand and dirt covered grounds, which will require sturdy and functional footwear. Hiking boots, rain rubber boots, and running shoes are some of the safest choices. Hiking boots are great for all seasons because whether you wore shorts, jegging, or cargo pants, hiking boots will look awesome because they are made for walking, unlike your fav sandals. Speaking of walking, in case you need extra soles and you didn’t bring a spare pair, you’ll be happy to know that mullein plant can double up as insoles as well. Also, to make sure your dirty footwear is packed well without the risk of making your clothes muddy, bring a few extra showering caps with you and wrap it around your dirty shoes.

Final thoughts

If hiking, camping, and tracks weren’t on your bucket list, it’ll be a good idea to give it a try at least once. You won’t have to worry about looking frumpy because there’s a myriad of wardrobe that will make you look fashionable even while pitching a tent in the middle of the woods. Just make sure you’ve packed warm and cozy clothes alongside all the camping essentials, and you’ll have the best weekend in the outdoors ever.

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