Prepare for Shooting Range: Simple Drills to Practice at Home

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Are you planning to be a better shooter?

Of course, you do. That’s why you are reading this blog in the first place.

If you are already a great shooter, you can pass along this blog to a friend who is still struggling or in the early stages of shooting.

Here are some defensive shooting drills that you can use in your home to sharpen your aim, eyes, and get a stronghold on the trigger. There are both short-hand and long-range drills, so get yourself ready to hit some random targets while you master your shooting skills.

Drill 1: Hit the Can

Hang some soda cans from a tree. Put labels on the can. Ask your friend to call out a random name and shoot that can.

There is a good reason that you are doing this exercise. Because one day, you might get caught in a situation where you need to show your shooting skills. Of course, you must follow the rules when you are on the range because that will help you prepare things better.

Get an airgun, a tin of pellets, string, and four cans of different colors. Hang them at various heights and distances in your yard. Then stand at a place where you can see all of them. Ask a friend to call a random name and start shooting those cans.

Try not to shoot randomly at the body of a can; you can pick a place and hit on that spot till you master your shot.

Drill 2: Practice with Laser

Once you are done with short-range practice, now is the time to perfect your trigger.

For this exercise, you need a laser-equipped rifle. Search a part of your home where you can get the most extended range possible. Now, you can use anything from your junk and use it as a target.

The goal of this exercise is to strengthen your grip over the trigger and to focus on the laser beam that will emit from the gun. When you practice enough to concentrate on just the laser, you’ll train yourself to focus on the real target regardless of its surroundings.

Take at least ten shots in two days. Understand the movement of your hands as you shoot the target. After a week or so, you’ll be able to control the trigger.

Drill 3: Go Stump Hunting

It is time to use Mother Nature to nurture your shooting skills.

Take your .22 rifle and hike in the woods. When you see a stump, get yourself in the position, aim, and shoot the stump. Use whatever cover is available. If there is grass, crawl to the stamp and shoot right after you stand up. If there are trees, stand behind a tree and shoot from there.

If the chosen cover is too high, you can use trees placed at various positions to hide before you show yourself and hit the stump. With enough practice, you’ll be able to pick the perfect place to hide. After every shot, give yourself some rest.

Drill 4: See & Shoot

This drill is one of the most effective shooting drills. This drill will hone your reflexes. Whenever you see the target, you’ll hit it straight.

The best way to practice this drill is to start by hitting moving objects. You can use boards with targets on them and place them on a moving board. When the target start is moving, you can run when you see the target.

What you can do is to go as far as you can from the place where the targets are set. Now use various covers to reach that target and shoot when you see a target. You’ll be able to spot the target from roughly 100 yards. Bring the scope in your eyes a hit that targets as accurately possible as you can.

Don’t just shoot the target on the first go. Practice the art of waiting. Before you shoot, take three deep breaths. Calm down your nerves. Change your position. Instead of standing, try hitting when you sit or lie down. This will give you some variations to try and improve your skills.

Wrap with these Drills

Don’t you have the rifle range? Not a problem at all. You can use these two drills to practice at home anyway.

Dry-fire at the objects on your TV screen before they vanish. Just ensure that the gun is unloaded so that you don’t shoot your favorite celebrity in vain.

The second drill is to place objects in various places. Now try to guess the range of the object before you shoot it. You can always use dummy rounds to practice. Practice reloading your rifle blindfolded. Try reloading the gun while you watch TV or do something else. You don’t have to see the gun while you reload.

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