Protect Yourself: 5 Self-Defense Weapons Every Person Should Have

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No one in their right mind would deliberately try to get attacked. People don’t go to their cars at the end of a tiring workday, just to get mugged in some dark alleyway. However, quite a lot of us grew up hearing about the constant danger of becoming a victim. 

However, have you ever thought of taking a minute to think, what would you do if you were in a threatening situation? Do you have the skills to defend yourself? Because regardless of identity, everyone needs a personal plan of defense that could be used.

Carrying a defense tool is essential, especially one that you are comfortable with. The discomfort of carrying a weapon in your pocket, purse, hand, or wherever should be farthest from your mind. Luckily, the markets today offer a wide variety of self-defense tool to choose from. Each has its pros and cons and a particular type of protection associated with it. Here is a list of all our recommendations which ranges from a decreasing level of aggression. 

Keep reading until you find a tool that you are comfortable with.

Tactical knife

Carrying a tactical knife is the best self-defense weapon an individual could carry. A knife is far more practical than a gun when an attacker is within 20 feet. Because not everyone has had the opportunity to train at a superior shooting range Boston, tactical knives are the next best option.

Knives are not only deadly but also highly effective, and they have multiple uses, other than self-defense. While choosing a knife, you should go for a lightweight, sufficiently long blade. Experts suggest 3 inches long sturdy blade is enough to hold you up against an attacker.

Generally speaking, knives have a higher level of public approval as opposed to guns. You can carry a tactical knife for your defense in almost any place. However, you must check your state policy about knives before sending it.

Our top recommendation is the TAC Force TF-705GY.

Stun gun or Taser

Tasers are a popular item used for personal defense. Many people, due to their non-lethal ethos, carry a stun gun instead of knives and firearms. The stun gun is excellent at immobilizing the attacker for five seconds straight. In other words, giving you a straight way out to escape.

Scott Wagner once stated that getting Tased is synonymous to getting a Tyrannosaurus Rex to shake you for the longest five seconds of your life. Moreover, mind you, the T-Rex grasps you by the spinal cord.

We suggest you look for a Taser that has snatch prevention. The VIPERTEK VTS-989 is an Amazon recommendation that we love. It is capable of producing a high voltage shock if someone tries to snatch it from your hands. The tool also has a flashlight, which is a bonus. This would work ideally if you felt unsafe at home.

Pepper Spray

Pepper sprays have a long history of being a popular self-defense tool because of their consistent appearance on television. They are easy-to-use, relatively quick, and highly effective. The pepper spray causes severe irritation in the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract and slows down the impeder. 

However, it would help if you kept the fact in mind that pepper sprays are only diversionary. Which means that the chemicals would only slow down the attacker and not stop them entirely. It buys you time to escape from the situation.

Our recommendation is the Mean Green from Fox Labs. The product is available on Amazon. It is easy to carry, has a UV marking dye to help authorities recognize the assailant. What more could you ask from a pepper spray? 

Self-defense keys

The personal defense could come in different shapes and forms. Sometimes, we need the help of others if we cannot rely on ourselves. However, to attract the attention of a passerby to come to your aid, you would need an alarm loud enough to alert the people around you. Plenty of the self-defense classes recommend you to carry a whistle or any other form of personal signal. A device that you can trigger as soon as possible.

The Vigilant Personal Alarm is small, easy-to-attach, and highly convenient. It is easily accessible if attached to your keys. Also, most importantly, it is deafening: 130 decibels. Hence why it would successfully grab the attention of any individual close to you. The device also has a whistle attached to it, in case the batteries die.

The reason why many people hesitate to use personal alarms is the reliance on another individual for help. However, a signal can successfully scare your attacker and make them think twice. In all honesty, an alarm like this would work best as a secondary item. You can trigger the alarm while/ when you are prepared with another thing, to be ready.

Mobile Apps

A vast majority of people fail to realize that they carry the most effective self-defense device, in their hand at almost all times. Yes, we are referring to your cellphone. This handheld device can be used for not just calling the police in case of emergencies but also alerting other people. 

App developers have created many options for android and iPhones to choose from, and one of our favorites is the PANIK app.

The PANIK app is a personal assault alarm that has multiple functions. It activates a loud siren, flashes red, blue screen lights while also enabling the flashlight to gather as much attention as possible. The app has a build-in PIN password to protect your phone and prevent the assailant from shutting your phone off.

The best feature in this app is its integration with social media platforms. PANK would send a distress call via Facebook, Twitter, and text messages to alert your friends that you need to be rescued. 

This app is similar to the Vigilant Key Chain Alarm in terms of asking others for help. Hence why we suggest, you also to carry another tool instead of primarily depending on PANIK as a self-defense tool.

Final Thoughts

There are multiple ways to protect yourself. People often go as far as taking concealed weapon courses to earn a legal permit for guns. However, can you blame them? When there are clear statistics that prove multiple women would be victimized within the next hour, somewhere within our country, 24 women would be sexually assaulted and two murdered!

Staggering amounts of crime are committed in as little time as your lunch break. To protect yourself from becoming the next statistic figure, we advise you to work on your self-defense plan and find the most suitable defense tools as soon as possible.

Stay safe and learn to defend yourself, for no one can help you, the way, YOU can.

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