7 Self Defense Rules to Master

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Learn how to defend yourself and be willing to do it

In a survival situation it is important to understand that there will come a time when you need to defend yourself and your family. Carrying a weapon in your survival kit is a must, but you have to remember that there is much more than just carrying a weapon. You have to face reality and be ready to take someone else life, kill and destroy him to ensure you and your family’s survival.

Almost everyone undergoes extreme psychological stress after killing someone, it always compromises the person’s chances of survival. So if you carry a weapon for survival self defense always keep in mind that there will come a time when you need to use it for you and your family’s sake. By looking at it in this perspective it will be easier for you to use your weapon and handle the psychological stress.

Smart Self Defense

In a survival situation, you need to keep in mind the importance of smart self defense. People will change in a survival situation because of stress, fear, confusion and lack of law and order. Many will be desperate to take away you and your family’s resources just to survive. Smart self defense means avoiding situations where you need to use your weapon if possible. If the need arises you need to use your weapon with deadly force and not just to scare off your attackers because they will return more prepared and determined to kill you just to get your resources and your family. So when you shoot, you shoot to kill.

7 Rules of Self Defense when SHTF

  1. There are no rules in self defense- Remember that in a survival or emergency situation there are no rules, law, and order. You have to use necessary force to stop your attackers in order to protect your family and yourself. Do whatever it takes to win, everything is a fair game when you want your family to survive safely.
  2. Avoid bad situations- To truly defend yourself in a survival situation you need to avoid conflict as much as possible. Keep your family safe by avoiding people or group who might compromise your safety and your resources.
  3. Always be confident and ready- People who are weak and vulnerable to attack are often the target of desperate people in a survival situation. Never show your fear and always be confident and ready to do whatever it takes to defend yourself and your family.
  4. Be aware- Study human body language so you will know what an aggressor is about to do. By knowing how an aggressor stand, looks, or motions you will have an idea on what he will do next.
  5. Learn how to control a situation- Keep in mind that the person who controls the situation will always be the person to come out on top. Don’t panic and react to a situation without a plan. Always think of the best way to act decisively on a situation to come out on top.
  6. Be the first to strike offensively- There will come a time when a fight will be unavoidable so you need to be on the offensive right away. Hurt your aggressor first and hurt him bad to immobilize your attacker to eliminate the danger of retaliation and returning. It will also psychologically affect anyone who might be thinking of joining the fight.
  7. Move and get away- As soon as you can, you need to move you group or family away from the area where there are aggressors to avoid retaliation and more attacks to ensure your safety and survival.

Watch this video on how to effectively defend your home and family in a survival situation:

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  1. Millie Hue

    Thanks for pointing out that there are no rules for self-defense. As you said, you must do everything to keep your attackers away from you and to protect yourself. I will keep that in mind since I felt worried if I might get charged if I hurt another person. But this is just for my own safety, so I must do everything I can. I will be looking for a class to attend since I have been meaning to learn it now that I will be living alone once I get accepted to a job in the city.

  2. Keep Guns Safe

    I know these by heart, but the problem is I tend to panic whenever there is a crisis

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