Steps To Take During A Home Invasion

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There are many ways that burglars and criminals can invade your home. Because of new technology invaders have access to different tools that will help them break into homes easily. Having an alarm system installed and securing your windows and doors may not be enough to prevent a home invasion. As home invasion crimes increase it is best to think outside the box and consider different options that will help you and your family survive a home invasion.

Home invasions could result into a very dangerous situation if you do not know how to act and respond to the situation properly. It could result to burglary, serious assault, kidnapping, and even fatalities if you do not act fast. Since no crime is 100% avoidable it is best to prepare yourself and your family so you can minimize the risk of getting seriously hurt and escape safely from a home invasion.

Here are some tips on how to avoid a home invasion:

1. When you need somebody to get your car from the garage remember to give only the keys to your car. Always have someone from your family to open the garage door. Never give your garage keys to strangers.

2. Never leave your garage keys or opener anywhere. Some people leave their garage or home keys under flower pots or door mats which could be easiy found by intruders or burglars. Always bring your keys with you to avoid invaders from easily invading your home.

3. When using a valet parking service remember to give the keys to your car only. Don’t give the parking attendant a set of keys which would include your home or garage keys. Its always better to be safe than sorry.

4. Always remember to close your home or garage door after entering even if you would only go inside to have a quick rest or just grab something quickly. You will not know if somebody might be waiting for a chance to follow you inside. Most burglars and invaders hide inside the garage as it is a perfect hiding place and they could get inside the main house easily from the garage.

5. If you have a construction work on your property never allow the workmen to work during your absence without anyone watching over. Always ask a trusted friend, next-door neighbor or relative to watch over the work for you. You will never know if you leave the keys to someone you don’t know that they could let the workmen in and risk a dangerous home invasion. Never leave a property key hidden anywhere outside your house as this is very dangerous as well.

Hundreds of people become a victims of home invasion because they are very trusting and they do not use their common sense with regard to home safety. Most of these victims just hand over their keys to strangers like parking attendants, etc; Do not neglect these simple safety precautions and put your family and yourself at risk, it is always best to ensure your safety in and outside your home.

However there are instances when trespassers successfully break into your home, the technique to surviving this type of emergency is to keep a clear head and consistently have a plan of action in place. Here are some helpful steps you can take to survive a home invasion:

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