Stop Global Warming: 3 Simple Ways You Can Help Save The Environment

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Dr James Hansen, a NASA scientist, testified before Senators in 1988, warning of the impending disaster that carbon emissions posed to humanity. He warned his listeners that if nothing changed, they would face a bleak future.

Three decades later, we can see how correct he was, as several other scientists have also expressed concern in numerous UN meetings. 

The IPCC has issued numerous reports emphasising how critical it is for us to shift our focus n order to save humanity from this unavoidable fate.

In July 2021, it was determined that the previous month had been the warmest on record worldwide. This latest addition to the alarming reports of climate change pointed to a troubling future for the world

We’ve all contributed to our carbon footprint somehow, but as a group, we haven’t done much to stem the tide. 

In this blog post, we’ll talk about how you can make changes in your habits and lifestyle to avoid increasing your carbon footprint and adding more carbon to our already damaged environment.


Use Reusable Bags


Reusable bags are just a trend in 2021, but it is more than just sipping on gut-healthy kombucha while you carry groceries in your environmentally friendly reusable bag! 

The production, use, and disposal of plastics have long been a hotly debated issue, especially regarding how much plastic is consumed by both consumers and retailers alike. 

The most obvious reason is to reduce the impact of plastic bags on the environment. Many places have stopped using single-use plastic water bottles and bags because it is not only crowding the landfills but also endangering the wildlife. 

Did you know that plastic bags kill 100,000 marine animals every year, specially leatherback sea turtles, think of the plastic bags as jellyfish and eat them!




Recycling is a simple process that hardly anyone practices. 

If you haven’t already started recycling and have been putting it off because you didn’t know where to start or just didn’t take the first step, here is some helpful advice on where you can begin! 

The first thing to consider is your daily routine; for example, think about the trash you put out on the curb every week. Next time, take a minute to separate your recyclable materials from non-recyclable like pop cans and plastic bottles, for example—separated from non-recyclable trash like dishwater. 

Another easy thing you can do to help the environment is to sell or scrap your used cars at places like willawong wreckers; they’ll recycle and reuse every part of your car! 

From old glasses frames to electrical wires, light fixtures, and tailpipes, these are just some examples of materials that still hold value even if they’re not working anymore.


Save Electricity And Water


Instead of using incandescent bulbs which have a short lifespan, use energy-efficient bulbs such as LEDs. 

What’s more, turning off lamps and leaving the television unplugged when you leave a room will help conserve electricity. 

It’s important to remember that there might be too much waste if your air conditioning is set high. To keep your power bill from skyrocketing, learn how to fix it properly at about 77 degrees Fahrenheit. 

We waste water without even knowing it. Start by turning off the tap when you brush your teeth or wash your face. Try turning off the shower until you’re ready to get in. Some of these small habits can be helpful for both our environment and wallet!




We hope you found this blog on ways to reduce your carbon footprint usefully. We are always interested in hearing from our readers; please let us know how you are helping the environment.  

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