What You Need For Your Doomsday Bunker

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In January, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Science and Security Board moved forwards its Doomsday Clock, a symbolic timepiece counting down to the end of the world. When the clock strikes midnight, we can expect doomsday. And we’ve just hit two minutes to the big moment.

It’s official: the world’s that much closer to an imminent restart thanks to Donald Trump’s antics with Kim-Jong Un — meaning you only have so much time to stock your fallout shelter before the world ends.Most people know their doomsday bunker needs the necessities. Things like canned goods and MREs, a first aid kit, bottled water, and generators place high on every list. But not this one. This guide will remind you of those oft-forgotten items that you might not stock in your bunker but would regret leaving not having once the time comes. While you’re busy making a list of the food you need to survive, check in with this list of unusual things you need for your post-Apocalypse life.

A Note 8 Skin and Grip Case

After the Apocalypse, there won’t be a single cell phone manufacturer ready to pop out a new model every year. Though surely Apple and Samsung execs will have their very own doomsday bunkers just like the rest of the 1%, they won’t be designing and manufacturing handsets from these underground strongholds.

That means the last phone you’ll ever have is that brand-new Galaxy Note 8. It only makes sense that you keep it in good shape, so it can last as long as you have electricity. (Sure, you won’t get Wi-Fi because there won’t be any but you could still use its apps, like your calculator and camera). To make sure it lasts, you should wrap it up in a skin to keep it safe from scratches and grime. The designers behind dbrand have an exclusive partnership with 3M vinyl, so all their Galaxy skins are made from scratch-resistant, grime-proof vinyl.

They add more than just a layer of protection to your Note 8. If you check out the new skins for the Galaxy Note 8 before the world ends, you can see some of their latest premium designs, like exclusive bamboo and dragon skin textures. And for added protection, you can pre-order their carbon-composite Grip case to go along with your customized design. Made with the latest impact technology, the Grip case will keep your Note 8 ticking as long as its batteries last.

Multiple Fire Extinguishers

An easy thing to overlook, the fire extinguisher can save you from disaster in a world that has no fire brigade. Whether you’re dealing with overheated generators, Mother Nature, or your own fire-fuelled mistakes, having a fire extinguisher in hand can keep the damage to a minimum.

Don’t stock up on just one. Your set-up after doomsday won’t have the luxury of modern plumbing. With no running water, you won’t have a convenient way to fight flames. Stockpile several extinguishers to make sure you’re ready in face of a large fire — or several small ones over several years, as these are one-use items. Pair them with shovels and sand, and you’ll have the best firefighting tools at your disposal in the post-Apocalyptic world.

A Scooter, a Skateboard, or Roller Blades

Once it’s safe to leave your bunker, you’ll be out scavenging the area around your new homestead, looking for food and supplies. Walking isn’t an efficient form of transportation, especially if you have to go far away from your bunker to reach the resources you need.

Should your car survive the fallout, you’ll only get so many miles out of it before you run out of gas, so don’t expect to be able to use your sedan to get around. Vehicles that need only your legs for power are long-lasting alternatives to your car. With simple maintenance, they could last forever.

Make sure you have a scooter, an Apocalypse-proof skateboard, or another man-powered machine. You’ll appreciate the time you’ll save by traveling with on them!

A skateboard, fire extinguishers, and a Note 8 skin might not mean much now, but trust us, when it comes to the end of the world, you’ll change your tune. It’ll be a simpler time when you appreciate canned peaches as a sweet treat after a long day scavenging for food in the wilderness. These unusual additions to your doomsday bunker will seem like luxury items by comparison.

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