6 Top Beach Holiday Cities in the USA

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A vacation is what everyone really needs at a given time of the year. If you prefer sea to mountain and you enjoy walking around the sea promenade, laying on the beach, or watching the sunset in the evening, this article is for you! 

Have a moment of peace away from the bustling and noisy city centers exploring the best of beach cities in the USA. 

The soothing sea breeze and warm sunshine as it rubs against your skin are enough to sweep away all the exhaustion and day-to-day problems!

The pure ocean scent coupled with the sensational sound of the sea waves takes your mind away. In the evening, you can complete your day with a cocktail and a breathtaking view of the sunset. 



Before we get into listing and describing the best beach cities in USA, it’s worth noting that most foreign travelers do need a travel permit to enter the country. Here’s where ESTA comes in handy!

ESTA is a familiar term, especially for those who have visited the US on several occasions. But if you’re a first-timer in the US, pay close attention and find out what ESTA exactly means.

What’s an ESTA?


ESTA is an acronym for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. It’s a digital permit to the US that was introduced around 2009. However, it’s limited only to countries taking part in VWP (the Visa Waiver Program).

With ESTA, you can enjoy the convenience of visiting the US without making any appointment at the Embassy. And while it’s best for tourists, there are options for transit travelers and those visiting the country for business reasons too. 

Moreover, thanks to the online process of application for an ESTA visa, you can get it within only three days. But the processing time can be as quick as 24 hours. Lastly, this electronic visa will remain valid for up to 2 years. 


 Benefits of ESTA:


  • Easy and quick application process
  • The possibility to apply online using any working device
  • The approved document arriving directly at the applicant’s email address in the form of a PDF file!


To get more information and submit your application within minutes from home, visit https://applyforesta.com/.

Once you have applied for your ESTA and got the approved document delivered, it’s time to plan your journey! 

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a whole month vacation, the following 6 top beach holiday cities in the USA are what you need for the best summer vacation: 


6 Beach Holiday Cities in the USA


  1. Kihei, Maui


Kihei offers you an opportunity to breathe in a fresh atmosphere away from the pollution of city centers. It’s the best pick for the Hawaiian lifestyle as most places are still untouched in their pristine state. 

Instead of booking a hotel filled with other visitors, rent one of the beachside condos. They are private, and you have direct access to the beach. For fun, you can go snorkeling, surfing, or paddle in the company of sea turtles. 

  1. Alabama’s Orange Beach


If you are chasing after an active vacation by the beach with lively activities and festivity, visit Orange Beach, Alabama. This place is famous for water sports and exciting festivals. 

The visitors are mostly young people, but you can meet older people as well, all of them create a vibrant and exciting atmosphere. Sometimes, there are live music scenes that add some fun to the beach. 

  1. Newport in Rhode Island


This is the best place if you want to combine your vacation on the beach with historical explorations. Newport has some of the best pristine beaches in the region. There are warm waves to chase and tidal pools to relax in at your disposal. 

If you want to have more fun, there are dunes and nature trails all over to explore. And for a moment of learning about the history of this island, there are multiple gilded age mansions to visit. Some of them are private properties, while others are now museums allowing public access. 

  1. Washington’s Long Beach


Washington has some breathtaking beaches. The white waves and scenic coastal cliffs add charm to it. Long beach is also famous for its boardwalk that allows you to appreciate an evening leisure walk. 

A visit to the kite museum will sweep you away with a colorful display of kites. And if you are the kind who loves adventures, there are historic trails to explore when you are free.

What’s more, if you happen to reach the Willapa National Wildlife refuge, there is more nature to explore. On this reserve, there are stunning sandy beaches, dunes, forests, grasslands, and mudflats, among others. 

Also, there is diverse wildlife that you can explore, including birds of the air and land animals like a black bears. But if you want a great day surfing and sun-basking, you can enjoy this at various points along the long beach. 

  1. Clearwater, Florida


If you expect various adventures besides dipping your leg in the sand and chasing after waves, Clearwater Florida will suit you best. 

This place supports adventurous activities like paddle boards and kayaking. And if you are in love with nature, then you can visit Clearwater Marine Aquarium with wounded sea turtles and dolphins.

For a resort lifestyle vacation, this place will not let you down. It has more than 4 km of white sand beaches lined with exclusive restaurants and hotels. 

There are also art centers with significant collections of exhibits and performances. And in the evening, it’s one of the best places to catch a spectacular sunset.

  1. San Diego in California


San Diego has a touch of everything. It literally means that if you want to visit the bustling and crowded beaches, you will find it here. Also, if you want a quiet and peaceful time by the beach, you can experience this on the Northern beaches. 

Due to the year-round warm weather, you are free to visit San Diego any time of the year. There are various amusements for both kids and adults. At the tidal pools, you can keep your kids busy. And if you are a wave seeker, there are the best waves in this region to surf. 

Beyond the beach, there are other spots in San Diego. And they include kayaking, nature reserves, luxurious restaurants, and amusement parks. 

Final thoughts


While summer is at its peak, there is no better time for a vacation than now. And with a visit to any of the above 6 top beach holiday cities in the US, it’s a guarantee you will have a great time. 

So, take this opportunity to refresh your mind and create good memories with your family or friends. However, if you want to extend your beach holiday to winter, opt for tropical beaches. They are warm and full of sunshine throughout the year.

No matter the time you decide to visit the US, remember to apply for your ESTA at least 3 business days in advance!

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