7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Nairobi

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Are you planning for a tour of Africa? Well, here are the seven reasons why you should visit Nairobi. But before we get to that, Nairobi is Kenya’s capital city and the largest in the whole country. Its name was coined from ‘Enkare,’ a Maasai phrase, which means “cool water.”

Kenya, on the other hand, is one of the East Africa Countries. It has a coastal region along the Indian Ocean, lake-lands, savannah, and mountain highlands. It is home to unique attractions like wildlife and various types of geological features, among others. And not to forget, the Great Rift Valley that cuts through it.

However, our focus today is on Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city. So, are you wondering why you should visit Nairobi? Here are the key reasons that will convince you to do so!


Reasons why you should visit Nairobi


  1. Nairobi Safaris


Nairobi safaris are the best adventure to start your journey with once you arrive in Nairobi, Kenya. And did you know that it’s the only capital city across the world having a national park? 

It’s open grassland plains with acacia bushes scattered throughout. This park is home to leopard, buffalo, lion, elephant, and rhino, which are the African big five.

In addition to these wild animals, you will find diverse species of birds, baboons, giraffes, zebras, and antelopes. And if you want a custom experience, then consider having a picnic within the park. 

What’s more, there are walking trails if you wish to get a detailed exploration and a campsite to retire in the evening.

The best part of this adventure is that the park is roughly four miles from the city center. That means you can also enjoy the fantastic city skyline view from the parkitself!

  1. Kenya e-Visa


If you have traveled to foreign countries, then you are aware of the need for visa. But while this travel permission is vital, getting one doesn’t come easy. The application process alone is enough to make you give up on the need to travel. 

Luckily, Kenya has a better solution, the e-Visa system, which is one of the key reasons why you should visit Nairobi. All you have to do is complete a quick and intuitive online application process using any working device!

The processing period is short and comes to a maximum of 72 hours (3 business days). The approved document then arrives straight at the applicant’s email address in the form of a PDF file!

If you are coming to Kenya for tourism purposes, then choose Tourist e-Visa. This visa will allow you to continuously enjoy your stay in the country for up to 90 days. e-Visa also allows traveling for business and transit reasons. Choose the best option for your needs and travel in an effortless way!

Kenya e-Visa – check more information


  1. Feeding the Giraffes 



It’s not common in every city where you can take a break from your daily routine to go and feed giraffes. These majestic creatures are amazing, and not just for their height but for their look as well. 

Feeding them is a deed that’s both mind-blowing and relaxing. So, if you want a moment of relaxation and away from the stressful life, it’s the place to stop by.

And if you are a tourist, even better, this is an incredible opportunity to interact with this majestic animal at a close range. And if feeding them alone doesn’t satisfy you, you can as well get a slobbery kiss. 

The giraffe center is located on the outskirts of Nairobi. Therefore, driving there will take you less than half an hour.

  1. 360o View of the Capital


While you are in the capital, ensure to stop by the KICC. KICC is the Kenyatta International Convention Centre. It’s one of the iconic buildings in the city and a landmark of the country at large. 

On the top floor (28th), there is a helipad that’s accessible to the public. It provides a magnificent 360oview of the city. But you have to buy a ticket at the entry point for you to access that place.

  1. Visit the National Museums


Your trip to Nairobi can’t be complete without a visit to some of its museums. One of the best places to start with is the Nairobi National Museum. This place allows you to appreciate the Kenya’s culture at first hand. It harbors rich Kenya heritage, that of east Africa, and Africa overall at large.

The second museum to visit is the Nairobi Railways Museum. It’s at the center of the capital with rich history and exhibits of the East African Railway. Therefore, you have a chance to learn about the East African railway construction and its history!

Lastly, stop by the Karen Blixen Museum, which was once home to the famous author Karen Blixen. She wrote the famous book “Out of Africa” that was later made into a film in 1985.

  1. Various Accommodation Types


After your daytime adventures, the city offers some of the best 5 star and luxurious hotels to retire to. 

However, if you are on a budget, you can also get 4-star hotels and lodges. So, take your time to sample several options and pick which suit your taste and budget best. However, you should book earlier to avoid inconveniences.

  1. East African Hub


Besides being Kenya’s capital, Nairobi also serves as an East African regional hub. You will find many embassies and large organizations like the UN, among others. 

Also, there is the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport which is strategically located, allowing you to enjoy both international and regional flights. That means you can find direct flights to the Middle East and Europe, as well as regional flights to Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Uganda, among others. So, if you were planning for an East African tour as well, Nairobi is the best point to start. 


Final thoughts


So, are you ready for the great Nairobi adventure? Well, an excellent time to be in Nairobi is from the end of June up to October. It’s a dry season period and the best time to capitalize on your visit to this city. 

The temperatures are just right, allowing you to enjoy the breathtaking view of the wildlife among other attractions without hindrances.

Hesitate no more and pack your bags to visit and explore Nairobi soon!

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