Best Must-Have Apps for Your Backpacking Venture

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Internet and the advent of smartphones have changed the way we do most things, from reading breaking news to banking online, everything is at the tap of our finger. In fact, our entire lifestyle has transmogrified for the better with the versatile use of smartphones and this can be attributed to the oncoming of applications or apps. 

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Your smartphone apps can come in particularly handy when you’re on one of your backpacking ventures; from preventing you from getting lost to ensuring you always have food and shelter in a foreign country, these apps will take care of you like your personal guide. 

While you may have become cognizant of which internet service provider to go for while traveling, let’s enlighten you over some of the pragmatic and fabulous apps that can make your journey easy-peasy: 

1. PolarSteps

Travelers are faced with an acute dilemma of whether to maintain an accurate travel journal or to become lost in the beauty of an exotic land. PolarSteps resolves it for you with its automatic journey tracker. 

Just keep it connected to the internet, enable location tracking and the app will cleverly track your route across the land, air, or sea, and plot it on its interactive map while left forgotten in your back pocket. The app also syncs your photos from each stop to your personal traveler profile, which is shareable with family and friends. 

2. Hiking Project

The app by REI is a must-have hiking guidebook, particularly when you’re hiking alone or are a novice. The app helps scout over 74,000 miles of trail to hike. New trails are continuously added to their database. 

Its comprehensive map along with GPS tracks your exact location, while its interactive features, elevation profiles, photos and more offer you useful insights for planning a well-organized hiking trip.

3. Seek by iNaturalist

If you’re an enthusiastic botanist or zoologist, Seek’s bleeding-edge image recognition tech will come in handy on your next hiking trip across the lush green foliage. The app identifies all kinds of mysterious flora and fauna you come across and supplies important tidbits regarding your observations. 

The app is the treasure trove of millions of wildlife observation on iNaturalist, just point your Seek camera, learn and add any species to your observations. Moreover, you can win badges with the observations you make. 

4. PeakVisor

Going for a hike across the mountains? PeakVisor with its state-of-the-art 3D maps will lead the way. The app utilizes your phone’s camera and its cutting-edge identification tech that identifies all the peaks around you and tells you their names and elevations around the world. 

Even if you have a photo of the peak taken years ago, the app is going to name it from amongst its ginormous data on 1,016,681 peaks across the globe. Moreover, the app shows hiking trails to most of the peaks, and spot huts and viewpoints dotting the mountains. 


5. Detour 

Visiting your favorite country that is saturated in history, art, culture, and stories, you’re eager to witness all it has to offer and garner some marvelous history lessons from the locals. However, your hopes are dashed when you encounter a language barrier or a choleric guide. 

The Detour app comes to your rescue with its immersive audio walks that let you explore the historical sites, edifices, monuments and more on your own. Its GPS tracking options enable seamless navigation of the foreign landscape and nudge you in the right direction. 

6. Gaia GPS

A paper map is an ever-reliable accessory while hiking and camping, however, your experience will turn out to be even smoother with this app. The Gaia GPS helps you view the available routes via comprehensive topo maps, plan trips, scout out campsites, predict moody weather, and more. 

It is the ultimate outdoor app in all its glory, with tools and options to make your hunting, camping, skiing, mountaineering, mountain biking, and rescue missions go as smoothly as possible with up to date information to plan around. 

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