How to Travel to Oman in 2021

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Named the safest destination in the world, Oman is a country that may not first pop into your head when thinking of traveling abroad. But it’s so worth visiting it! Oman is full of architectural and natural wonders, among other striking attractions. 

 It’s a perfect spot for all history-lovers with numerous ancient sites to explore. Moreover, it also serves for those who wish to get away and have a relaxing time at a white-sand beach!

 Found on the southeastern end of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman is a small country with the oldest independence among the Arabian countries. It’s currently under the reign of Sultan Qaboos since the 1970s.

 Given its vast and diverse landscape, rich history and culture, and amazing tourist attractions, it is not surprising that Oman is visited by millions of tourists each year. You can go snorkeling, relax on beautiful beaches, and explore some stunning ancient sites, all in one place!

 Make sure to keep on reading to find out all about visiting Oman in 2021!


Oman now uses the electronic visa system


Oman e-Visa has made it a lot easier to visit the country since its implementation in 2018. And with an average processing time frame of not more than 31 hours, it’s very convenient for last minutes rush. 

 The electronic Oman visa comes in three types, two single-entry and one multiple-entry permit. Choose the one that will suit your needs best and visit Oman for 10 or 30 days at a time!

 The best part about the electronic visa system is the fact that it eliminates the need to visit an Embassy. The whole application process, from start to finish, takes place online. 

 Go through a quick and intuitive online application process using any working device and get your Oman e-Visa delivered to your email inbox.

 More information about visa to Oman


Interesting facts about Oman


  1. Zero terrorism


According to GTI (global terrorism index), Oman has a zero tourism rating. That means the region is free from terrorists or any form of terrorism. 

Therefore, feel free to mingle in the crowd or tour various places while in the country.

  1. Longest dynasty of rulers


For over three centuries, the rule of Oman has been under one family. And currently, it’s under the reign of Sultan Qaboos bin Said’s cousin. Haitham bin Tariq took over after the Sultan’s death in the early 2020.

 Since the region follows the system of absolute monarchy, Haitham is the head ofboth state and government.

  1. Major oil producers 


It’s worth noting that you will be in a region where the oil in your country might be coming from. 

Oman is among the highest oil exporters. And this is because of the country’s oil reserves that can last for several centuries.

  1. Whitewashed structures


One of the striking features in Oman is its whitewashed structures. If you are not careful, you may get lost due to the resemblance of all buildings and houses.


  1. License to drink alcohol


With very few Muslims and Arabs drinking in the region, you need a license to drink some alcohol while in this country.

 Therefore, if you want a drink, look for a police officer to write for you a license. 


  1. Zero crime rate


There is no place in the world that you will feel safer than in Oman. Thanks to the strict Sharia laws, crime rates in this region are minimal to none.


  1. Bahla Fort


If you love history ventures, then stop by the Bahla Fort when you are in the region. It’s one of the oldest forts in the region that have been around for several centuries.

This particular fort became a UNESCO site in 1987.


  1. Luxurious accommodations 


For a taste of luxury living, Oman does not disappoint. It is home to some of the most luxurious accommodations ranging from hotels to resort-style lodges. 

 Therefore, if you have more cash to spend, ensure you pick the best for a memorable experience.


  1. UNESCO sites


Multiple sites in Oman are declared world heritage by UNESCO. If you are visiting for tourism, these are the best points to start your tour. 

 In this case, you can visit Bat, Al Aflaj, Al-khutm, and Al-Ayn, which are all historical sites.


  1. Jebel Shams


Do you love hiking? Well, Jebel Shams is one of the most spectacular places to visit in the region. At an elevation of 9 800 feet, it’s the highest peak in the country.

 Jebel Shams is a perfect spot for active tourists who wish to take in all the breathtaking views along with their daily portion of exercise. 


Travel restrictions to those visiting Oman


Due to the new Coronavirus strains, there are still a few travel restrictions for those visiting Oman. This is meant to reduce the spread of the new strains in the country. And as such, you need to confirm whether you are eligible to visit the country before making plans. 

In summary, tourists are moderately allowed to visit, as long as their meet some requirements. Therefore, before you board the plane, ensure you have a negative PCR test result. If it’s an 8 hours flight, the PCR test must be less than 96 hours old. 

But if it’s a short flight, then the test must not be more than 72 hours old. And once you arrive in the country, there is one-week mandatory quarantine no matter the country you are from. 

You need to book for the test before you board the plane from wherever you are. After the test, if the results are negative, the one-week quarantine is still mandatory.

On the first day after the quarantine week, you will take a final PCR test that will allow you to explore the country if you test negative. Remember, the one-week isolation and PCR test costs while in Oman are on you.


General tips on how to travel during the pandemic


  • Determine travel visa needs

Not all countries accept entry with passports only, including Oman. As you determine your travel visa needs, ensure you confirm whether you’re eligible for an e-Visa to ease the whole process.


  • Follow WHO health guidelines to protect yourself. 

This includes hand sanitization, maintain two-meter social distance, and keeping your mask on. 


  • Go for the COVID-19 vaccine

Now, many countries are enforcing the need for COVID-19 vaccine injection. Therefore, to ensure you are on the safe side of the restrictions for those who are not vaccinated, go for vaccination. 

This will keep you safe and guarantee safe passage to various destinations.


  • Checkout travel restrictions due to COVID-19

Before you visit a particular country, check out their travel restrictions due to COVID-19 to avoid any inconvenience. 


  • Get a PCR test for COVID-19 

Ensure you get a PCR test for COVID-19 at least 72 hours before your departure time to the next destination. 


  • How far can your health insurance cover you?

With the uncertainty upon traveling during the pandemic, you never know if you may end up staying longer in the country. 

Whether this would be the need to quarantine or even to hospitalize, a health insurance is now a must!


Final Thoughts


Oman is a jewel among the other Arabian countries. With a vast range of UNESCO sites, natural wonders, and impressive architectural examples. With the availability of the e-Visasystem, it’s no wonder many tourists are heading there for vacation. 

You should adhere to the general health guidelines to have a smooth entry into the country. In addition, you can stay safe with the above general tips on how to travel during the pandemic. 

As long as we’re all trying to stay safe, we can get to traveling again

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