Jack here.

And I’d like to invite you to participate in my contest and give YOU the chance to win a 3 month subscription to the Cairn Monthly Survival Box for absolutely free!

survival box

The most important part of survival for me is the community aspect.

So many of you have contributed to making SASI a success that I want to give back.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Comment on this page to enter the contest.
  2. Next, write an article about anything in our niche that you’d like to talk about.
  3. I’ve made it easy to write and submit the article here on our guest post page.

Each post you write, gets you 1 entry into the contest. Write as many as you like!

It’s that easy!

Then, every month on the 25th, I randomly choose a subscriber to win the prize.

You’ll get an email that informs you if you won or not. If you win, just tell me where to send the boxes!

You can see some of our happy subscribers from the previous months below.

previous winners

So get started!

You can write about any of the below topics:

Economic Preparedness Emerging Threats Police State Off The Grid Alternative Energy Building
Food Homestead Sustainable Living Outdoors Camping Hiking and Backpacking Safety
Hiking Gear Outdoor Tips Prepping Disasters Survival
Bug Out Emergency Communication Fishing, Hunting, Trapping Food and Water Shelter Survival Gear
Survival Knives Survival Skills Wilderness Tactical Guns Self Defense


You get 1 entry for every 500 words you write!

  • Two 500 word articles? 2 entry points
  • One 1000 word article? 2 Entry points.

Having trouble thinking of a topic? Comment below.

Any questions? Comment below!


  1. tim wareham

    I must admit while I am new to prepper and survivalism, I grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania where winters were harsh and being ready for days without power in the winter was the norm, I am also veteran of the US Army, and have been homeless. I know something is coming and I am trying to do all I can to be ready and have my family ready as well. Since I am just a working man, and I don’t have a large surplus income, I am always looking for free and inexpensive items. I am more than happy to share my opinion and personal experience if I think it might help someone be more prepared.

  2. Marko Dawson

    I studied survival training in the military and I find that the material covered on your site is helping my memory re-boot and help me to teach things to my grandkids and their parents that they will need to know if the poop hits the fan. I will be sending info on bartering for stuff you may need and not have now. As well as info on foraging in the wild for survival.. P.S. I took Botany and Micro in college.

  3. Mark Eversberg

    Your site is rebooting my memory of survival school stuff received I while in the military. I am sharing this info with my grandkids and they share with their parents. P.S. I studied Botany and Microbiology in college. So I know how to forage for food and medicine.I will be sending information on Bartering when money becomes worthless.

  4. John Coulthard

    Will prepping become more or less prominent with Donald Trump’s election ?

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