How To Build A Spider Shelter

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Looking for an easy way to build an overnight shelter? Spider shelters are an amazing place to start since their easy to learn, last a decent amount of time and anyone can do it, even young teenagers with a bit of guidance.

Step 1: Build the raised cone like skeleton with large and small branches.

Ruby spends the first few minutes of her video to show you how she builds up the skeleton,

The key is to get the sticks nice and compact, so in the winter it will hold more heat, and take less heat to warm up!

For a more professional overview of how to build it up, the wilderness outfitters lay out a great tutorials.

The first video talks about the proper angles of the skeleton and how you stack up all the sticks.  The more branches, the more heat and if you do it right, you can have a good amount of size on the inside.

Once you build the skeleton, you want to collect lots and lots of leaves. You’ll want to have a large tarp (like this one) in your emergency kit so you can carry the leaves in bulk and dump them efficiently.  Its a race against time till your daylight goes away so every little bit counts.

At the end you can build up a mattress of leaves as well.

A structure like this can keep you housed for a long time as long as you consistently build it up and replace the leaves.

It will keep you comfortable in the summer in the shade and nice and warm in the winter.

For a step by step of how to build it, watch the rest of the videos in order.

Sleeping Mat Video

Finishing up and Heating Your Spider Shelter

Simple Improvements to Make The Best Spider Shelter

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