The Survival First Aid Kit Checklist: Do You Have Everything?

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Having the right survival first aid kit (like this one)is an essential part of surviving a disaster. The right first aid supplies can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency situation or disaster. From falls, broken bones, wounds, heart attacks, burns and other conditions, it’s very important to ensure your survival.

Here is a quick guide on preparing the right first aid kit:

Basic First Aid Kits

Basic survival first aid kits are one of the easiest to put together. The first thing you need to consider when building your first aid kit is you and your family’s needs which include any special or medical condition needs. Here is a basic list to guide you on which stuff you need to put in your emergency first aid kit, we’ve also included links to amazon in case you need to buy any of these items to fill out your first aid kit:

Medications and Treatments: Additional First Aid Supplies

Wound Care, Bandages, and optional First Aid Supplies

You have to understand how important it is to treat wounds that are sustained in a survival situation. Infection can be fatal during disaster situation and may cost you and your family’s survival so it is very important to properly tend any wounds ASAP. The following supplies are optional and may vary depending on you and your family’s needs but are none the less good supplies to consider:

How to Build your Own Survival First Aid Kit

By preparing your own first aid survival kit you ensure you and your family can survive a emergency situation for days. These are some things you need to consider when building you first aid survival kit:

  • Store your medicine in a dry, cool, and dark area to avoid light exposure
  • Always keep your supplies in a water-proof, size-appropriate, and non breakable containers
  • Always check expiration dates on all your first aid supply so you can replace it when needed
  • Train your family members on how to use first aid equipment and supplies
  • Organize items by function to make it more accessible. Store the medicine by category (sprains, burns, fever, pain relievers, etc.)

First Aid kits can be used for other important things as well. For example, band aids and adhesive bandages can tie and repair things if needed and petroleum jellies, alcohol, and alcohol pads can be used to start fires.

Having the right survival first aid kit(choose the best from amazon) stored for emergency situations is one of the most important factors in making sure that you and your family will survive an emergency situation. Treating an injury in the first few minutes of sustaining it will literally mean the difference between life and death. By reading these article and knowing the right first aid supplies to store we hope that you will be prepared to face any emergency situation that may require first aid.

Do you have everything you need? Did we miss something? Comment below!


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