10 Common Tarot Myths You Should Not Believe In

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Tarot Cards are a new trend of the Internet and with the growing popularity, you may see a large number of online tarot cards reading apps freely available for your Android and iPhone devices. However. the taboo of tarot cards and reading tarot cards for the future is still there.  There are many tarot myths present about tarot and practice of online tarot card readings.

Many images flash on our mind when we think of tarot cards and tarot card reading. Most of the time, people associate it with magic and treat it as the occult practice. Some call it a work of the devil and some term it as an ancient foretelling method. Out of all the spilled facts about tarot cards on the Internet, the truth is still unrevealed.

There are many layers to the truth and in the case of Tarot cards, the truth is vast and fascinating. From its origin as playing cards to modern online tarot reading apps, Tarot cards covered a long journey. And with each milestone, tarot readings are often associated with a misguided truth or some tarot myths.

So, let’s unfold the mystery of tarot cards and find out the truth of what are tarot cards and what are the unknown facts about tarot reading that you must know.

10 Common Myths About Tarot Reading 

Take a deep dive to know what are the most common Tarot Myths about tarot cards and tarot reading that you should not believe.

Tarot Myth 1- Tarot Cards are Invented By Gypsies

It is said that tarot cards are invented by Gypsies but there is no historical evidence of it. This is folklore and no one has been able to share the exact origin of tarot cards. However, it is believed that tarot cards have been originated as playing cards in Europe around 1530. It was later by the end of 18 century when it was first used in public for foretelling.

Tarot Myth 2- You have to be Psychic To Read Your Tarot

You don’t have to be psychic or possess any spiritual or superpowers to read your tarot cards. Tarot card reading just needs an intuitive mind and calm soul. This is how tarot cards work. You just need to connect your intuitions with tarot card readings and understand the tarot card meanings with respect to the situations of the querent. 

Tarot Myth 3- Never Buy Your Own Tarot Cards

This is the weirdest tarot myth about tarot cards. If this would have been true, there had been hardly any tarot card readers and tarot card sellers in the world. There are thousands of tarot decks and it always recommended that you buy your own tarot cards as only then you may choose the tarot deck that connects to your intuitions and appeals to you the most.

Tarot Myth 4- You Cannot Read Tarot Cards by Yourself

This is a great tarot myth that prevailed around. Tarot cards are for everyone and anyone can use it for tarot guidance and tarot predictions. You may learn tarot card meanings and read your tarot cards by yourself anytime- anywhere with online tarot apps. You just need to ask the right questions and connect your intuitions for tarot readings.

Tarot Myth 5- The Death Card Doesn’t Mean Death, Literally.

Death is one of the most feared and misunderstood cards among all Major Arcana tarot cards. As the name suggests, it doesn’t prophecy the death of you or someone close to you. Death tarot card is the sign of ending- ending of a phase or relationship or time- good or bad. It signals new beginnings and emphasizes that the circle of life comprise of changes.

Tarot Myth 6- Reversed Cards are Always Bad

Each Tarot card is categorized into the upright and reversed tarot card. The upright tarot cards state the obvious meanings while the reversed tarot cards share the opposite of that. But this doesn’t mean that reversed cards are bad or points only tragic events. Reversed cards can be positive and you must learn reversed tarot card meanings also. 

Tarot Myth 7- Tarot Cards Should be Wrapped In Silk Cloth

It is a notion that you must wrap your tarot decks with a silk cloth to keep it sacred. However, this a pure tarot myth. You may wrap your tarot decks in anything and it won’t affect its energy or sacredness. Tarot Cards pick your energy and that is why the concept of online tarot reading works as it connects readings to you, not with any fabric.

Tarot Myth 8- Tarot Predictions Are Set In Stones

People often think that what has been revealed in Tarot readings is unchangeable. The future’s not set in stone and the Tarot is not different. Tarot cards are a powerful tool that indicates future events and reveals the upcoming possibilities- positive or negative. It asks you to work on tarot advice so that you can build a brighter and better future on your own.

Tarot Myth 9- Tarot Apps Are Not Accurate

This is the biggest myth that people still have in this digital age. In reality, online tarot apps such as Tarot Life are a blessing that allows every individual to read their tarot cards without any prior knowledge of tarot cards and their meanings. It is easy, quick, simple and most accurate as it shares unbiased and exact tarot card predictions for love, career, finance and more. 

Tarot Myth 10- Tarot Cards Are Magic or Evil Practice.

Tarot Cards are no magic, no witchcraft or work of a devil. It is not even a religious extension that is restricted to a specific custom or faith. Tarot Card reading is an intuitive tool that allows you to access your higher wisdom and use tarot predictions for improving yourself and creating a bright future. You can read tarot cards without invoking spirits or employing magic tricks. 

Concluding Thoughts!

So, now all the Tarot myths have been busted and you know what you need to say when you hear such Tarot myths again. Share the truth of Tarot Cards with everyone you know and get your tarot card reading now. If you don’t want to spend money and need great tarot guidance for love, career or finance– use Tarot Life, the best free tarot reading App for Android, iOS and Windows.

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