Ways to Keep Your Children’s Teeth Healthy

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Healthy teeth play an important part in every child’s overall health. They enable the children to eat and speak properly. Developed early, good oral care helps establish solid dental habits throughout your child’s growth and development, whereas poor oral care may lead to infection, disease, and a variety of dental issues.

It’s never too early to start laying the foundations for good oral health. Don’t wait until your baby has teeth – start with good nutrition and oral hygiene right away. It is up to you as a parent to set up the routines that will protect your child’s teeth from decay and other potential oral and general health problems.

Make it fun for starters

With small children, the element of fun is important so try to make it as interesting as possible. Allow your kids to choose their toothpaste and toothbrushes in their favourite colour or with a favourite cartoon character. Read a book or watch a video with them on the topic of oral hygiene. Set a timer to two minutes when they brush but make it more fun by playing their favourite song. Finally, reward them for a job well done. However, avoid treating them with sweets, but rather offer a healthy replacement, such as a fruit snack or a trip to the park.

Start them young

As mentioned previously, your child’s oral care should begin before their teeth grow. To start developing healthy oral habits, begin by gently wiping your baby’s gums with a cloth. This will get them used to the process of cleaning their mouth. As their teeth start growing, introduce a soft baby brush and gently brush their teeth with just water or add a small dab of fluoride-free toothpaste and also give it to them to chew on it. It will massage their sore gums as well. Once your child is old enough to be able to spit the excess toothpaste, you can introduce the fluoride type. The earlier you start your child’s oral care, the easier it will be to develop their regular dental routine.

You will need to assist your child in brushing probably until they’re around 6 years of age. At that age, they can switch to a larger-sized toothbrush. Make sure you replace their toothbrushes every 3 to 6 months when you notice they look worn. Also, flossing is another crucial part of your child’s dental care routine. Teach them to floss at least once a day and to make it easier, use floss that comes on a handle. Finally, teach your child to brush their tongue as well as this helps minimize the number of bacteria in the mouth.

Make regular dental appointments

An essential part of your child’s dental care is seeing a dentist. The paediatric dentist you choose for your child will teach you both how to prevent dental disease, check for cavities, proper brushing and watch for developmental or alignment problems so if the time comes to get dental braces in Sydney, you will be well taken care of. Regular early dental appointments will set a positive precedent for all future visits.

Dental appointments can be stressful for children, especially if they go alone. To make it more comfortable, set it up as a family thing. Schedule your child’s dentist appointment together with yours so that you can share the experience. Your child won’t feel overwhelmed or nervous plus, you’ll be setting a great example by showing them how important regular dental care is. In this way, your child is highly unlikely to fear the dentist and will probably enjoy regular dental appointments in the future.

Teach your kids to eat healthy foods

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Besides regular brushing and flossing, a healthy diet is essential to maintaining good oral health. The best and easiest way to encourage this healthy habit in your kids is by leading by example. This means reduced or even no sugary, starchy, and processed foods and carbonated drinks in your home. Instead, make sure you provide your family with foods that are packed with natural ingredients, including lots of vegetables, fresh fruits, and whole grains.

It’s also very important not to allow your child to go to sleep with a pacifier or bottle containing anything but water. Even breast milk and formula contain some sugar thus exposing the teeth to continual decay. The best course of action is to send them to sleep after they have finished their meals and completed the brushing.  Once you teach your children early to eat healthy foods, you will set them up for a lifetime of a healthy diet and good overall health.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure your kids grow up healthy and strong, and it’s up to you to help them get there. Good oral health is an important factor in your child’s health and wellness, so it’s crucial you teach them how to maintain their teeth and mouth healthy, and how the choice of what they eat impacts their oral health. Hopefully, the tips listed here can help you inspire a good dental health routine in your kids that will stay with them in future. 


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