5 Sure Shot Ways to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden

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Gardening in a deer territory can be difficult as they are known to trespass properties often. Here are a few sure shot ways to keep your garden deer-proof:

1. Choose Deer Resistant Plants

If you do not wish your garden to be eaten by deer then simple, do not choose plants that attract deer. There are several deer-resistant plants available in the market and you have a good number of options to choose from. Choose amongst such plants and your garden will be safe from any damage caused by deer.

2. Fence the Garden Properly

If you cannot choose to plant only deer-resistant plants, then the next viable option is to fence your garden. Deer can jump over an 8-foot tall fence, hence install a proper deer-proof fence so it keeps the deer out. If the area is small, then the deer are less likely to enter the premises as they dislike closed spaces, thereby a 6ft fence would prevent the deer from entering the garden. If your garden is spacious, then you should definitely look for fences from 7 1/2 to 8 feet tall.

Not just the height you also need to make sure that the strength of the fence is proper as deer are strong animals that may push the fence and break it. The bigger your area, the stronger your deer fence should be.

Another factor that should be considered is to install an invisible fence. This way the deer cannot see the fence height, hence they cannot make a judgment if they can jump in or not.

Lastly, deer can also crawl under the fence which makes it essential to secure the fence properly in the ground.

3. Fence Individual Plants

Most of your plants might be deer resistant and only a few others may need protection. Also, putting up a deer fence may feel like you have fenced yourself inside. It is also not a cheap option as the fence needs to be really high and strong. If you do not wish to fence your entire garden to be deer resistant, then you can also fence individual plants using deer netting. This method is effective, affordable, and easy to implement. But remember, you can only use this netting on individual plants, and it cannot be used for fencing the garden to keep deer out.

4. Use Deer Repellents

It is obvious that you should use a deer repellent on all your plants to keep deer away from them. You will find many people complaining that this product does not work but frankly, most people do not properly understand how to use it. Learn exactly what you need to do when using the product, so it is effective in keeping deer away.

5. Adopt Deer Scaring Tactics

Scaring the deer by clattering utensils is an old technique people used, but today it might not be that effective as the animals now are used to these noises. Also, you need to be around to make noises to scare off the deer but it is not always possible for you to be alert and the deer may spoil your garden before you even realize it. The best and most effective technique is to install a motion-activated sprinkler system. When these sprinklers sense motion, they turn on and deliver sharp burst water in the direction of motion. This will definitely scare off any deer that enters your garden.

Other than deer, there might be other critters you will need to protect your garden from. Inspect your area for the known critters that may attack your plants and apply the needed strategies to protect your garden against them.

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