Combining Comfort and Fashion – the Staples of a Busy Woman

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In our supercharged, busy lives, we have no more time to think about how “beauty is a pain” and how it doesn’t matter if we’re 30 minutes late as long as we look good. Those days are a thing of the past and we have to focus on being comfortable, agile and ready to take over the world. This is why more and more brands, all the way from high street to luxury fashion are coming out with sporty, casual pieces that you can throw on, look great in but stay on your toes and get through your day with ease. Let’s see what those pieces are and how you can incorporate them:

Comfortable fabrics

There’s really not much point to a piece of clothing that you look fantastic in but can barely sit in. We need options that are both fashion-forward and made out of fabrics that move with our body instead of constricting it. Don’t be afraid to go for jeans with a lot of stretches (or even jeggings), blouses with plenty of room to maneuver in them and similar items. However, when you’re buying stretchy clothing, make sure you’re buying high-quality because continuous wear might make lower-quality pieces lose their shape.

Healthy feet

You’re not going anywhere if your shoes are too uncomfortable to even walk in. Before you choose a high heel or a perfectly stylish mule, ask yourself whether you can run after your kid in them or finish a whole day of errands. Ergonomic shoes like Arizona Birkenstock will give your feet support and stay on them while still keeping you fashionable. Remember that most of the comfort and stability comes from the sole of the shoe, so you still have a lot of option when it comes to choosing the look of them as long as the sole is high quality and fits your feet.

Practical accessories

A bag that can’t really fit your phone and your keys without spilling everywhere is more of a nuisance than an actual aid, and you don’t need that noise in your life. When choosing both your outfits and accessories, you want to stay practical, and that means pockets, compartments, and accessories that keep your hair out of your eyes while you’re trying to get everything together. Women have seen such a lack of pockets in their lives that there are actual Kickstarter projects dedicated to making jeans with pockets.

No compromises with sporty and feminine

There used to be a time when women would wear baggy T-shirts and basketball shorts to work out and feel comfortable, but that time is behind us. One of the biggest revelations in sporty clothing in the past year has been the introduction of sports dresses and skirts. Because you don’t have to sacrifice your femininity just to be comfortable. You can also make your own comfortable feminine clothing by pairing high den tights with a stretchy dress or skirt that gives you a full range of movement. You want to be comfortable both physically and mentally, without worrying if you look up to some task or if the wind will cause a wardrobe malfunction.

Wearing comfortable clothing has become a prime concern in many women’s lives because they often can’t put a part of their life – like being a mom – on hold while they’re at work. You have to both be professional in a meeting and pick up the kids from school right after and take them to the park to play with them. But with the help of brands and their everyday activewear, you can now be prepared to face anything that the world brings your way.

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