Using Mylar Bags To Keep Food Fresh Long Term

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Preventing food from getting spoiled is among the biggest challenges for prepper as well as there are several products that are available that can assist in extending food shelf-life. Good-grade buckets, sealable plastic bags, canning jars, the list is endless. However, Mylar bags (like these) easily are one of the most useful among all of them for storing nearly all kinds of foodstuff. Not just the material itself is great for storing nasties out but also its inside part remains clean, and safe. It acts like flexible containers allowing simple transportation and storage of supplies.

Mylar Bag1Let us find out what makes these bags highly useful as well as why one requires having few for their food stockpiles. Mylar from Space Age Miracle Mylar basically is the trade name for polyester material, Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate developed in 1950s as well as used by NASA in several space-faring purposes. For example, Space blankets are possibly made owing to insulative properties of mylar theyre and similar material had been layered into suits of astronaut for keeping them away from getting frozen in harsh space depth. As it has been proved as among the hardest environments that man knows about, other ideas quickly were dreamed up for such wondrous new material. Several ready-to-eat or convenience foods are sealed in these mylar packets now for safekeeping including the Pop-Tarts. Of course, Mylar for preservative is that last usage, protecting foods that are found by prepper so useful. Because of several properties that Mylar has, it makes it best for protecting food primarily from outside world: Impermeability. The big word simply means that nothing can get through material of this bag. It is resistant to bugs and dirt entry, of course but it is also resistant to the things that one cannot see like moisture and gases that can make food rotten.

On the cheap food-grade- As one gets various other advantages of mylar, purchasing food-grade bags simply makes sense as it will assist you in saving money in the longer run. It allows users to put mylar bags in the non-food-grade containers (available cheap at five gallon bucket for instance) without them being exposed to various potential hazards.

 Durability- Though mylar is not invincible (in fact few types have been made pretty thin so that one can rip through them just like on Pop-tart packet) maximum food-grade mylar bags that you will be using are much durable as they are not much likely to react to surrounding of theirs. Mylar will not rot in water just like cardboard boxes do for instance or spread mold or fungal spores. It although would melt in very high temperatures (like that of open flame). Talking about food storage, this is not a major concern usually.

 Flexibility- Mylar works more like the plastic bag than cardboard box or stiff tub. It means, you can mould it into any shape as well as squeeze it for getting excessive air out of it. It can also be tightly fitted into some other container of any kind.

 Simple sealing at home- basically, for sealing mylar bags, all you actually need is common household iron though other tools are there that are designed specifically for this job that will make things simpler for you. The fact that one doesn’t needs special machine just as one does for vacuum-sealed bags is a great asset for many. Generally speaking, making use of mylar bags means one can throw any sort of foodstuff in it. To get the best results, it is suggested that one should do more than just single toss food in mylar bags as well as seal them up then.

Typically, one oxygen absorber at least must be placed on top of your food in bag post you are done with filling it so as to drain out excess oxygen left behind in the bag post it has been sealed. It will leave just argon and nitrogen as primary materials for the food to react with and as these two elements don’t react to several foods, it leaves behind neutral air in bag hence increasing shelf life. Mylar bags are complemented by Gamma Seal lids that protect food from air exposure once bags are opened.

As an extra step, one can place their bags inside another container for making it simple to carry food around even mylar bag2without raising suspicion. Basically I suggest springing for the gamma-seal lids in case you are using buckets as they’ll assist in keeping food inside bag fresh even after one opens it. Moreover, individuals can place those smaller food packets into same bucket together inside small mylar bags instead of using single large bag so that one isn’t exposing pounds and pounds of the food to air whenever they decide opening it. Irrespective of all things, ensure placing mylar bags in place that is away from heat, sunlight, and primarily all sources of high temperatures like fire as mylar can be melted and food inside it can get damaged. Once again, storing these in buckets will be helpful for keeping sun away as well as reducing odds of anyone accidentally poking your bags or else puncturing those hence exposing food items to outside elements.

Finally, one should be aware of the fact that mylar bags aren’t rodent proof! Though they assist in reducing smells from grains or any other food stored inside them, smell of various foods as well as residual dust can encourage mouse to sample precious mylar getting to the food inside it. One can place mousetraps near these food packets but better option would be placing bags in some rodent-proof containers for avoiding chances of contamination. When individuals make use of these bags properly as well as keep them away from different elements, mylar bags would work for several years so assist them in keeping their food ready for any kind of emergency. Purchase few of these bags and try them so as to know why they have become so popular!

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