10 Lethal Self Defense Tips from a Professional Security Guard

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When a person is faced with an assailant and they must get down and dirty to defend their very life, a simple punch or smack often won’t be enough to take down the attacker. Those who work in the security industry, especially those who work as bodyguards and have trained to protect others physically can offer some great insight into how a person can protect themselves by using basic self-defense. There are situations that can arise however that deem necessary steps be taken to think fast and use lethal force to bring down someone to keep your own life safe. Below are 10 lethal self-defense tips from top security guard firm FirstSecurityServices.

Ignore the Fighting Myths

As someone who has long worked as a security guard, it has become common to hear people brag about how they can take a person down with a simple, single punch to the nose or something similar. Not everyone has the strength of Superman and not everyone can master martial arts like  Chuck Norris and hearing people talk about how they can easily take down an assailant by punching them so hard in the nose that the bones will shatter their brain has become common, and unfortunately for those who listen to that kind of chatter, they will find out the hard way that while a nose punch will hurt badly, it is not going to kill a brutal attacker.

First and foremost, the nose is made up of cartilage and unlike hard bones, cartilage just won’t pack the punch needed to drive anything at all into the brain to be considered lethal. Second, even if the nose had longer bones, chances are those bones would not reach the brain with a punch and they wouldn’t be able to devastate much more than a broken nose and some severe pain not only to the one who is punched but also to the hand of the one doing the punching. A hard hit to the head can be traumatic, but we’ll go into that later.

Protect Yourself

If you really want to protect yourself from the bad folks running the streets or who may have a beef with you and want to do you harm, you can do one of two things; hire an armed guard or learn to defend yourself with some lethal self-defense moves. By the way, hiring a personal security detail may be a good idea even if you feel confident enough to defend yourself because having a third party available for help in shady situations can be a lifesaver.

For times that you may not have a personal security detail available, it is wise to know how to defend yourself. Here are ten lethal self-defense tips from a professional security guard that you can use to defend your body, and your life from those who aim to cause you physical harm.

1. Trachea Strike:

The trachea or windpipe is a great place to target when faced with physical harm. While it would take a great deal of force to damage a trachea enough to kill someone, it can be done. However, striking it hard enough to take someone’s breath is an ideal way to get away from the scene fast without harm to your own body.

2. Traumatic Head Injuries:

It isn’t difficult to hit someone in the head hard enough to make them see stars or even pass out, but it takes a lot of force to cause a traumatic head injury that would be lethal. To do something like this, you would need to use a hard bone such as your knee or shin to strike to head as hard as possible. A win for you may be to hit hard and let the attacker fall while you take off running to get away.

3. Fish Hook to the Mouth:

While not entirely lethal, this can be brutal for a person’s mouth and can cause severe pain as well as anxiety and facial damage. While behind the assailant (if possible) reach around and place your fingers inside their cheeks and pull back as hard as possible. While doing this, do your best to avoid being bitten or it could be you that ends up damaged instead of the bad guy!

4. Gouging the Eyes:

Take two fingers or your thumbs and place them into the eyes of your attacker in the corner next to the nose. With a fierce rip, you can gouge the eyes out and permanently blind an assailant.

5. Kidney Blows:

The kidneys are just at the lower end of the rib cage and they are not protected very well at all. Throw as many blows as possible to the area they are in to cause major damage. The internal damage can cause death in a violent attacker.

6. Knee Stomp:

If your enemy should happen to fall to the ground, take that moment to raise your foot and stomp as hard as possible directly onto their knee. The force of your foot will most likely break the knee and immobilize them.

7. Neck Punch:

Striking someone in the neck, especially with a direct hit to the carotid artery can knock them out or can possibly cause death.

8. Chokehold:

School kids often think that chokeholds are a cool thing to do as they can cause the recipient of one to pass out. These behind the neck holds, however, can be deadly as they cut off the air supply to the person. Also called a sleeper hold, this is one of the deadliest moves you can make.

9. Heart Kick:

Using the power of your foot, you can crush the sternum and cause damage to the heart including stopping it with a forceful kick.

10. Ear Clapping:

A seldom thought of move is to forcefully clap your hands over your opponents’ ears. The vibration can cause the eardrum to rupture and can cause internal bleeding in the brain.

While any of these moves can be potentially lethal, the best move that you can make is to avoid situations that can be dangerous. If you must fight, utilize all your resources including your body and anything you can grab to use as a weapon to fend off your assailant.

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  2. Tam Ross

    Don’t try fancy moves unless you’re a trained martial artist and know exactly what you’re doing.

    When adrenaline hits you, your speed and strength will significantly increase, but at the cost of fine motor control.

    Make big, aggressive attacks against easy targets: face, throat, groin, etc. You should scream, kick, bite, throw things, whatever you need to do to stay alive.

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