Exercise “Like a Lady” – Best Clothes for Workout and Outdoor Activities

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Going to the gym isn’t something you always look forward to. If you’re just starting out, every time you go can be a daunting experience. More so mentally than physically, because you’re psyching yourself out thinking that everyone’s looking at you’re doing it wrong. It’s important to feel like you look good in the gym, because that will first allow you to focus on the exercise instead of the mirror, and it will boost your confidence, helping you hit the gym more often. So here are some ways you can look better and feel more confident at the gym.

Wear proper undergarments

There’s nothing worse than trying to run on a treadmill while your chest is jumping all over the place. Just as important – you don’t want to wear anything even resembling a thong, because it will be the most uncomfortable experiences ever. Luckily, brands are stepping up and they’re now designed for sports bras and other undergarments that will fit anyone and make your life at the gym a lot easier. If you have larger breasts and you can’t seem to fit into the regular sports bras, there are stores that specialize in large cup sports bras, so you don’t have to wear two bras on top of each other anymore.

You’ll sweat

Accept that you will sweat and that everyone around you will sweat and be prepared for it. Of course, you’re going to wear deodorant, but you can also prepare with your clothes, as being covered in sweat patches is never a good look. Wearing black or white is the best way to conceal sweat, but the material plays a big role as well. Something like cotton might be breathable, but it soaks up moisture and locks it in, so it’s not really ideal. Go instead for one of the newer smart fabrics, which whisk away moisture and leave you feeling dry.

Wear what you’d normally wear

If you feel great in shorts in everyday life – feel free to wear shorts at the gym! But if you’re more into covering up your legs, then leggings are right for you. If you don’t mind showing off your mid-section, then get a sports crop top and rock it in the gym. But if you don’t like being exposed, it’s perfectly fine to work out in a T-shirt. The only important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t tailor your choices to what you think others might think of you, but rather how you feel most comfortable if you were alone in the room.

Makeup debate

There’s a lot of talk going on about whether you should wear makeup to the gym or not. On one hand, it might help you feel more confident, but on the other – it’s quite a hassle. First, you have to get all kinds of waterproof and sweatproof makeup because otherwise, it will slide off your face in an instant. But you will still sweat underneath it, and that’s not all too comfortable of a feeling. So if you’re planning an intense workout, stick to chapstick, but if you just want a light yoga session or something similar that won’t really make you break a sweat – you can put on a bit more.

To sum it up, spending time at the gym shouldn’t be about how you look, but how you look can influence what you get done at the gym. Put in a little bit of effort into planning your outfits and you will boost your confidence and performance through the roof. And hey, if you happen to take some selfies along the way to make share your progress and keep yourself motivated – that’s perfectly fine.

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