Best Survivor/Streetstyle Fashion Ideas For 2020

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Streetstyle fashion has been making a huge impact on the fashion industry, and it’s something that is more and more prevalent on catwalks. Still, wearing streetwear every day is something that can be tricky, because even though you’re wearing something that is predominantly casual, you aren’t exactly hanging out at the skatepark all day every day. So, here are some looks and pieces that are perfect for anyone who wants to express themselves through street style.

Boxy tops

With survivor style, there are two very distinct fits: very skin-tight see-through and boxy oversized. Let’s talk about the latter first. Boxy shirts are great because they are a perfect canvas for displaying any kind of print or art on them. But there is a very special way in which they allow the wearer to move freely, without the care of how their body looks because the focus is on the clothes and not on them. You can find them both cropped and long, but if you want to have the authentic feeling, go for a longer button-up style that will be the perfect transition piece from casual to street style, and that will be so easy to style up.

Distressed pieces

Wearing something distressed is very street style-native, so make sure you have your basics distressed. There’s a great variety of distressed street jeans on and if you go for a back or regular blue, you’ll be able to style it up or down. Pair it with the abovementioned shirt for a casual day look with a touch of the street, or with a big, oversized hoodie for a more casual look. If you’re more into wearing skirts and dresses, make sure you distress your tights – not that it ever takes much to rip some tights.


There’s basically only one way to go with street: sneakers. And forget about the slick, elegant kind – you want the big, chunky, colorful sneakers that will take you right back to the ‘90s. If you want to be more elegant, try a platform sneaker that will give you height and a little extra something. If you look at fashion shows, you’ll see that they are also experimenting with different boots and slippers, but if you want to wear true streetwear, you’ll want to stick to sneakers.


Let’s talk about bags. There’s literally nothing but cross-body bags on the scene right now, whether it’s purses, utility bags or full-on designer pieces. As with everything else in streetwear, you want to make a statement with your bag, so feel free to pick something that clashes with the rest of your outfit, that looks just a touch out of place and draws the eye. Keep your accessories minimal with a snapback or a bandana around your head.


Every piece of streetwear has some sort of print on it. Whether it’s just the name of the brand or a message that you’re trying to send, a graphic T-shirt, hoodie, or any other piece is a must-have with any street outfit. Go for something big, but simple, to get the message across without much distraction. Remember that streetwear relies heavily on color blocking, so forget about any gradients, and go for solid lines.

Wearing street style will become more and more popular as time goes by, and you want to learn how to dress the part now while the trend is still at its beginnings. Look for inspiration which is increasingly easy to find as influencers are picking up the style and most importantly – make it your own. Streetwear is all about expression, so make sure you’re using it to help express yourself, not to hide behind it.

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