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Australia is home to some of the most beautiful harbours that overlook wonderful sights, including Sydney’s urban cityscapes and Queensland’s beachside. But it’s not just its harbours that bring in millions of tourists—Australia’s cities are characterised by a youth-forward culture and a wild nightlife full of art and parties. While there’s little to do outside with strict stay-at-home measures implemented, you luckily don’t need to go frolicking around the city to find some entertainment anywhere in the country. 

If you want something that can keep your pleasures afloat during the crisis, Juul pods in Australia will keep you occupied in the comfort of your home. The best part? They’ll indulge your taste buds just as much. With Juul pods being all the rage today, you’ve got multitudes of flavours to enliven your palettes. Whether you’re craving for traditional tobacco or a frenzy of fruit, here’s a small guide of some of the most popular e-juices today.

Menthol and Minty-Fresh Flavours

Menthol-flavoured juice is perhaps the closest you can get to the feel of a traditional cigarette. It’s a classic, timeless quality that’ll surely remind you of the fresh breeze of your favourite Australian beaches. As a result, it’s typically one of the most versatile flavours you can find. Whether you want a quick vape or a savoury experience, you can always trust the rush of coolness that menthol gives. Because of the juice’s strength, menthol flavours can give you the option of high nicotine content.

If you’re not a fan of nicotine but still find yourself craving for that cool freshness, menthol is still versatile enough to accommodate your tastes. You’ll also find that this flavour is a good mix with fruit flavours. Some menthol juices are mixed with flavours of typical fruits, such as strawberry and watermelon. If you’re bolder with your tastes, you can elevate your experience with Juul pods in Australia by trying more interesting combinations like mango-peach and orange-pineapple. 

Sweet Sensations

Sweet tooth? Guilty pleasures? No problem. E-juices also come in sweeter, more casual flavours, and that makes it all the more enticing. Of course, there are ever-reliable fruit flavours: strawberry, kiwi, apple—name it, and you can probably vape it. However, if you want something that can induce a higher sugar rush, you can get candy or dessert-flavoured juices. Milk, crème brûlée, and meringue are just some of the many tastes that can tickle your palates. Maybe there’s pavlova, too—if you want the ultimate Australian experience.

Maybe you can bring out that kid in you or defeat that guilty voice you repress all too often when you go on diets. Try a candy cane vape juice now—sweet-flavoured e-juices make a good alternative that satisfies your cravings just the same.

Sour and Savoury

Not all people are fans of sourness—but some are adventurous enough to know that bold flavours can give one’s taste buds the best sensation ever. Sure, it may be unconventional upon initial impressions, but sour-flavoured e-juices can enrich your vaping experience. After all, that’s what makes the venture special: you get to try out different kinds of tastes that widen your palate.

Not to say that sour flavours are so daunting, however. You have a lot of it to choose from. There’s a sweet and sour variation if you don’t want something too acrid, but if you’re up to the challenge, there are a lot of acidic flavours that are all the hype in the market.

Vaping, in moderation, is a fun way to pass the time without having to go outside. It’s even more fun when you get to experiment with different tastes the market has to offer.

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