5 Flashlights To Carry On Your Next Hiking And Camping Expedition 

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Imagine yourself on the top of the mountain, amidst the serenity of nature. You would love to set up a camp over there. But unfortunately, you can’t. Why? Because you forgot to carry your night light. How would you feel about the same? Stranded in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing but snow, and you forgot something so crucial. 

Well, don’t you worry, explorer! We might not be able to control the weather up there but can surely help you pick the right flashlight for your adventure.

A flashlight is an electric torch that’s not only a life-saving tool but also helps you get out of complex and emergency situations.

Read on to know the 5 different kinds of flashlights you can carry on your hunting or camping trip.


Want something that you wouldn’t have to hold?

Well, why don’t you get a headlamp?

Headlamps are an excellent alternative to a regular flashlight. 

As the name suggests, they are strapped onto your heads, and that’s all. Your hands remain totally free. Plus, they are easy to adjust and safe too.

These aren’t hard to find. Go to any supermarket, local or convenience store, and they will have a flashlight that suits your needs.

Hand-Held Flashlight

What do you do in case of a power outage? I take out the flashlight and try to scare my brother. 

A regular flashlight is what I am talking about. These flashlights are a popular choice amongst hikers and campers. They have a good battery life, are compact, and easy to use.

Not to forget, the LED lights account for a stronger illumination too.

Shakeflashlights are another type of hand-held flashlights. You can turn them on by shaking the magnets inside them. 

Since these lights run without a battery; they are great for emergencies. They aren’t very bright, but they are long-lasting.


Not quite the same as flashlights or headlamps, but lanterns perform the same job.

They provide better illumination than the above-mentioned options. That’s not even the best part.

You can adjust the luminance as per your needs. 

They are battery powered and can easily be hung. 

However, they might not be the best for long-distance hikes. Since they are a little heavier, if you are planning to include them in your bug out bag, make sure you factor in the weight.

Custom Flashlights

Custom flashlights are a part of every flashaholic list. But since they are very expensive, not everyone buys them.

They are like exotic cars, everyone fancies them, but it doesn’t make complete sense to buy one. 

Compact Flashlights

If you are a light packer, this might be the right gear for you. 

Compact flashlights are compact, as the name suggests. They are lightweight, require minimum storage space, and are easy to carry.

Despite the common misconceptions surrounding such flashlights, they are efficient and offer decent illumination. 

Safety Lights

The purpose of safety lights is to provide light in case of emergencies. They don’t look or perform like flashlights but allow others to be able to see the person carrying it.

They also help the search and rescue teams to spot the ones stranded.

They come in various styles:

  • Armbands
  • Zipper attachments
  • Straps for shoes

You can clip them on wherever you want, and you will be good to go!

Final Thoughts

With the wide availability of flashlights in the market, finding the one for your needs is not difficult. But you should do thorough research, and set a budget before looking out for one.

So, what are you waiting for? Slide into your tactical pants, buy a flashlight, pack your bag, and hit the trail!

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