Some Aspects of Diamond Drilling For Industrial Purposes

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Drilling services are needed for making deep holes on the earth surface, metals, concrete, and glass with a rotary drill of the latest technology. A bit of diamond is attached to the tip of the drilling instrument, as diamond is known to be the hardest material available in nature. Diamond drilling is used for making both tiny and very large holes of various diameters, without crashing the neighboring areas. This modern drilling equipment is capable of creating neat holes in vertical or horizontal directions on any material surface.

Various benefits of the application of Diamond Drilling

  • Holes of perfect sizes – The holes can be made of more accurate sizes with the help of diamond drilling equipment, compared to the ordinary drilling machine. Yes, it is possible to maintain the high quality of drilling services on all types of materials, without causing any unwanted damage to the surrounding areas of that specific surface.
  • Lesser waste production – As the holes of accurately the required sizes can be created, this diamond-fitted drilling machine gives out the minimum amount of debris while its operation. The users need to spend much lesser time, energy, and money for the disposal of these waste materials. It is very essential for the benefit of the manufacturing economy.
  • Maintains hygienic environment – Normally, a diamond drilling machine is used in mining and many other industrial sectors. This tool creates the least amount of dust and it is almost noiseless, for which it does not add to air pollution and noise pollution. The workers can work in a healthy environment while operating this drilling machine even in a small, confined space. While drilling any material in an office, other employees are not disturbed due to its operation. Precision is extremely important to keep the work process go smooth.
  • Easy to handle operations – This diamond fitted drilling machine is quite lightweight and its small size makes it easily portable. The users can carry it in their hands from one place to another without putting in much effort. There is also the option of remote control for this machine, due to the use of the latest technology in manufacturing it. Thus, diamond drilling is the first choice of archaeologists for carrying on their difficult excavations.
  • High durability – As diamond is too hard for damage in any ordinary condition, the diamond fitted drilling machine is known for its great longevity, in spite of drilling through the toughest surfaces. The users do not need to worry about the wear and tear of this equipment, even while drilling through concrete, granite, marble, and hard metals.
  • Simple operation – Normally, a diamond drilling machine is run by electricity for its operations. However, it can also operate with the help of powerful batteries where electricity is not available or may be limited for a short span only. This tool sometimes is powered by hydraulic or pneumatic force, as the power-feeding equipment is conveniently hooked up with it. The power source drives the motor, which is responsible for the movements of the drilling rod that contains the diamond bits for cutting deep into any surface.
  • Easy maintenance – This drilling machine often becomes too hot while cutting down into hard materials, mainly in extremely hot climatic condition. The longevity of the equipment can be hampered due to this overheating. Therefore, it should be cooled by pouring water over the drilling rod from time to time, to prevent its overheating. Everything has to be taken care of very minutely and hence new technology provides easy maintenance.

If a hole needs to be dug into the ground, the diamond drilling machine may not be of much help, as it cannot drill a hole that is more than 1500 mm diameter. However, this problem can be solved by stitch drilling procedure, where the machine is used to make overlapping holes, leading to a tunnel of any desired shape and size.

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