Top 5 Survival uses of vinegar

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Vinegar is mostly found in all houses, but few of them are aware of its use for emergency. Its acidic content makes it helpful antibacterial, good food additive and powerful cleaning agent.

Let us go through top most 5 uses, so that you become aware of uses of stocks of vinegar in case of an emergency.

Disclaimer: Neither I am a microbiologist nor chemist or a medical expert. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the ascribed cleaning and medical uses of vinegar that may prove harmful if laid into practice, do consult an expert.

  1. Most of the antibacterial agents are made into prepping circles of vinegars with an ability of killing bacteria for vinegar-1good reason on different surfaces. Typical vinegar with strength of 5% is much effective towards many general strains of bacteria, and if you know how to prepare it by yourself it may be much better than items such as bleach with the shelf life within limit. Bleach is not much effective towards all types of bacteria, thus even systematic cleaning may leave some strains of acid- resistant well and alive. So till the time you understand limitations, you may make good use of vinegar in cleaning the cooking surfaces.
  1. Herbicide though you may not be using vinegar of food grain for this specific application, still vinegar is capable of killing various stubborn weeds and plants which may obstruct with the survival garden of yours. Generally speaking, vinegar of 5% is useful only for younger shoots which is susceptible towards low content of acid: for almost guaranteed outcome of 10% or more. This would kill the top growth in weeds, leaving behind the system of root to grow behind later in case if they come behind. It is advisable that vinegar of 10% or more is very much acidic, and may even damage your skin when touched. Be very much cautious in your application, and make use of it for keeping your veggies and fruits grown without using noxious weeds.
  1. Vinegar (like these) is very much efficient in cleaning clothes, stain and odor removal. Though vinegar’s powerful odor is not considered to be much pleasant, it is preferred for leaving sweat, mud, and blood clinging to your clothes. Apart from this, it is the method of smelling and feeling, cleaning without others tips which you made stocks of deodorants and various other chemicals as almost all of them have vinegar in their hand. Basically vinegar of 5% should properly clean everything: high concentration may damage clothing and for sure need heavy washing, thus do not burn your skin by acid.
  1. Insect and Rodent Deterrent Acting with other baking soda, vinegar and prepper favorite may help to keep mice and rats away from spaces of living. It may be specifically useful in areas like pantries, basements and cellars where lot of people store excess foodstuffs, as you may like to keep the rodents who are hungry from nibbling over precious food in emergency. Simply mix vinegar and soda together and entryways where they would prefer for hiding. Various bugs and mosquitoes do not like vinegar even without adding baking soda. Some of them prefer to apply it directly over skin using spray bottle (make sure of using concentration of 5% or less) while others to areas where they would prefer to work for a complete day without considering smell.
  1. Vinegar of mold destroys about 82% varieties of common mold over clothing, certain plants and walls. Simple white vinegar and water when mixed together would kill spores of mold within your reach easily and quickly. For best outcomes spray the thick coating of water and vinegar over whatever is cleaned by you and then soak it for about 5- 10 minutes for killing spores and wet them so that they do not fly much in air or taken in.

vinegar uses-1Please do consider specialist of mold if possible as various surfaces would increase growth of mold without professional cleaning. By using just a pinch of vinegar spreading of mold may be kept at more convenient level. For some plants which get affected by molds, heavily diluted solution is used and applied over mold directly by rag. Fruits may be applied with little hurts having vinegar, thus melons and others would have wiped it directly over the part which would be eaten for leaving behind the stem and leaves.

Else use it immediately for cleaning molds and then thoroughly rinse it. I would like to prefer it for your own use in the situation of non- survival firstly to obtain proper balance, else you would kill an important plant containing vinegar in excess.  There are other various uses of vinegar may be very much helpful for emergency.

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