How to Make an Instagram Post Template for Your Hunting Business

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Instagram is an entertaining social media platform and a powerful marketing tool. There are a lot of businesses active on the platform and over 1 billion monthly active users. Therefore, it is critically important that you take the time to establish your brand awareness and promote your hunting business using well-designed Instagram posts. 

A strategic design plan for your Instagram posts is necessary if you want to attract a loyal follower base. If you do not have a large follower base, you can start by using a 1000 free Instagram followers trial. An Instagram post template helps you to facilitate your post making process so that you are always active on the feed of your followers’ feed. 

Make an Instagram Post Template for Your Hunting Business

So you want to know how to make an Instagram post template for your hunting business? It is actually pretty simple if you just follow the basic steps that anyone can do with a template. The key to making one is to get followers first and then once you have a good number of followers, you can try making a good Instagram post. When you know how to make an Instagram post template for your hunting business first, you can then start trying to figure out what else you can do with it.

Let’s now see the steps of making an Instagram post template for your hunting business. 

1. Use Instagram Post Templates

There are a number of ways to utilize Instagram post templates in order to create stunning business presentations that will amuse your followers and get them interacting with you on an organic basis. Once you know how to do this, you will be able to easily generate a whole variety of visually engaging and appealing images that will immediately jump out at your followers and get them talking about your hunting business.

Here are some simple options to generate and store Instagram post templates, so that you are able to have beautiful posts on hand whenever you are ready to post. You simply select the image that you want to use, modify any of the design elements, and the text that appears at the bottom of the post. You can change almost every part of the post template, which means that there are numerous different ways that you can customize your Instagram post templates to enhance the look and feel of your hunting business.



It’s important to realize that the initial visual appeal of your Instagram posts does make a difference in how successful your hunting business will be on this social media platform. This is because if you have an appealing image and text, people are more likely to take time over your business rather than reading an article about a hunting experience that may be too long and boring to interest them. However, by creating custom Instagram post templates for business use, you can easily change the look and feel of the image and text to better suit your purposes. 

2. Post Both on Your Feed and Stories

Of course, posting your template on Instagram is not all about sharing on your Instagram feed only and ignoring Instagram stories. There are no restrictions on what you can share, so you can talk about your different hunting experiences, hunting tips such as becoming a hunting guide, and share on your Instagram account. 

The goal is that you should be active on the feed of your followers. Every day, there has to be something that engages your followers. You may say that posting on Instagram stories is useless as they disappear after 24 hours. However, you need to know that there are 500 million daily active Instagram stories users which makes them awesome for increasing the engagement rate of your Instagram account. 

So, remember to check for the size of your Instagram template. If you are designing a post for your Instagram feed, the size of your design has to be 1080×1080. On the other hand, if you are designing for your Instagram stories, the size has to be 1080×1920. 

3. Accompany Your Posts with Images

When using Instagram templates, you may think that visual designs with some texts can suffice. However, adding images to your designs can make them more real and, therefore, more engaging. 

Remember that the photos that you use should be high-resolution photos. If the photos that you use are not high-resolution, you can set them as a background to your template. Therefore, instead of posting texts and visuals only, you can add variety to your posting schedule and share pictures as well. 

4. Add Elements to Your Template

When using Instagram post templates, you will notice that you can add different elements to your design. Adding elements to your design can have various purposes. For instance, you may add elements because you want to make your post template more relevant to your hunting business. In addition, you may also want to engage more audience with an effective design.

Adding different elements to your template is easy. Depending on what tool you use to design your Instagram posts, you can choose your desired elements and add them to your post. 


5. Save Your Design and Share

When you have finally designed your Instagram post or story, it is time to save it on your tool and share it on Instagram. Saving your design can be possible in different formats. Choose the one that is best for you. Then, share your design and check the results and feedback by social monitoring.


There are several tools that can provide you with several Instagram post templates such as Canva, AdobeSpark, etc. If you do not want to use InDesign or Photoshop for your hunting business posting schedule, you can resort to these tools and create awesome designs for your Instagram account to get a higher engagement rate. If you need to increase your follower base, try the most trusted Instagram growth services.


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