Tactical Vest: Nifty and Practical, or Tacticool Overkill?

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Tactical vests have been designed for making it easy to carry extra flashlights, canteens, magazines, and various other tools and objects that one may require on moments’ notice. These basically are an extension to survival backpacks of yours. This vest allows users to keep their commonly used or important items ready to roll even without requiring investing more than ten minutes digging through pockets for finding extra magazine or multi-tool.

Vest 1As such these vests are extremely helpful often for individuals who are serving in military as often they are called for going to combat arena where within second’s count digging through their pack is just not possible. Though for prepper it is costly vest but will it be useful or too much? Let us take a glance as well as see if one needs this tactical vest or it is just good to have.

 Some common uses of this Tactical Vests- for determining whether this vest is practical or not, it is best seeing what usually they are used for. Given below are few of the primary usages:

  • Magazine pouches just are one aiding function of proper tactical vest.
  • Assist in carrying extra items
  • Irrespective of whether one uses MOLLE Velcro clips, pouches, or strips, this vest is used usually for carrying different useful things outside of the backpack.
  • Offers quick access to almost all basic supplies. As already mentioned, tactical vests are best for keeping specific useful things within reach.
  • Quick to wear and pretty light in weight. In event of need for quickly grabbing your gear and running off into night, one may not have the advantage of grabbing heavy backpack. As with this vest, one can count on few vitals that will make it simpler for user to get out of the door quickly without losing any of their supplies.
  • Concealment for weapons. Though some users make use of this vest for assisting in holding weapons in open, others prefer the way that few vests cover holstered pistols as well as other weapons hence they can take advantage of this fact.
  • These can be substituted as backpack for specific applications. When one is dealing with several small pieces and parts (for instance repairing vehicles) you can make use of those pockets for holding handy tools as well as there are parts that can be reattached/removed. This is much simpler when compared to digging inside the pack searching for bolt or nut!

 Arguments against them

With several advantages listed above, it is just correct to show common downsides of using tactical vest.

  • Military look is pretty threatening and distinctive for many.
  • Maximum individuals who see fellow pops out of their home wearing vest laden with assorted gear and mag pouches are not only going to dismiss it instead move on as well.
  • For Police as well as other enforcement personnel, report of anyone wandering with military gear and rifle around may ring alarm bells in case the situation hasn’t yet escalated to complete SHTF. You can think of how that fellow will have to lay on his gear vest. Here it may be still OK but in various other situations, this may pose issues.
  • Positioning objects on front part of this vest can make proning painful or difficult. Try rapidly dropping to ground wearing several thirty round magazines on the chest and tell us how you are feeling just after you have landed.
  • Keeping aside potential to pinching skin or causing bruising, increased count of objects on front of this vest can even prevent individuals from getting possibly low, potentially exposing them to enemy fire.
  • Extra cost. Naturally this vest will be costing you money and quality tactical vests can be availed at quiet high price tag. There are few who argue that expense of quality vest is just waste.

The Verdict: No Vest or Vest?

From each thing that I have come across, it looks that maximum individuals who buy tactical vests (like these) use them currently for training only as they are not much practical (even dangerous, in terms of legality) for common usage. I however have also noticed that several buy less tactical vests that are designed for looking much like fishing or hunting vests, lacking MOLLE straps or camo colours) for everyday usage. So the question of whether to purchase this vest or not depends on needs of the user.

Are you planning requiring instant access to many gear or magazines? Are you planning being in dangerous or vest 2combat situation where one might require vest for holding gear while they are still camouflaging themselves? Well one may require tactical vest for future SHTF events. Though if not or if tactics of yours rely much on remaining those are hidden instead of showing yourself as tactical operator, hence other less tactical option can be more suitable.

1Hiking backpacks, vests available in plain colours, and various other modes of carrying important items without acting/looking like paramilitary prepper definitely are valuable choices. Incidentally, these are also cheaper at times as they are much limited in function as well as don’t require applying durable camouflage paint.

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