Self Defense Weapons To Consider

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Most people don’t go looking for a fight but when you are confronted, you need to have options. Putting up a fight usually isn’t the best option, since you can put yourself and those with you in danger, but if you get caught without a self defense weapon or means of defense, your chances of coming through a bad situation worsen.

Stories like this are tough to read, when a man gets beaten and killed defenselessly in front of his wife. No matter what we need to protect ourselves and loved ones from violence.

Here I’ll summarize some of the options for self defense you have, from small concealed weapons to training your mind and body.

Best Self Defense Weapons

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Small Concealed Weapons
Stun guns, pepper sprays, handguns and pocket knives
Large Projectile Weapons
Bow and arrow, crossbow and shotguns
Large Close Range Weapons
Large knives, machetes, batons, baseball bats, bo staffs and tonfas
Self Defense Training
Karate, Judo, Aikido, Muay Thai, and MMA

Small Concealed Weapons For Defending Yourself

There are two types of stun guns. One that requires direct contact to the assailant via a shock from your handheld device and the other, a Taser, is an actual stun “gun” which shoots a shock probe at the attacker from a certain distance, depending on the model you purchase.

Many experienced people consider a non-projectile stun gun to be overrated because it requires close contact with the attacker and you need about 5 seconds of direct contact to incapacitate the assailant for any helpful length of time.

Visit this page to see the best reviews for stun gun products on the market and the best practices for how to use them.

Inexpensive, works from a distance and easy to use. This is why pepper sprays are so popular amongst all types of people from police officers to teenage girls. There are two types of forms available – the spray which requires a direct hit to the face/eyes and a pepper spray fogger, which just needs to be in the vicinity.

Click here to see video on the proper way to use pepper spray and the best ones to get.

  • Handguns

Handguns are one of the top weapons of choice for self defense because it is easy to carry, conceal, and use. Having a handgun in a survival self defense will give you fast mobility and effective fire power which can mean the difference between life and death. Always conceal your handgun where you can easily get it but out of your aggressors hands.

Always remember to prioritize safety 1st. Always place a trigger lock on your handgun to avoid any accidents and injury. If you have children in your group or family always hide your handgun where it is out of their reach. To effectively use handguns for self defense you need to do some training before hand. Watch these tutorial video on how to effectively and safely fire a handgun:

There’s an interesting informational based program called Ammo Independence that actually provides some useful info once you get past the ultra-annoying sales video. They teach you how to make your own Survival AR-15 Rifle, manufacture your own ammo for when SHTF, reloading cartridges, and 21 places to hide and your ammo and guns in your home to make them impossible to find.


Large Projectile Weapons

  • Bow and Arrow

The bow and arrow is not practical to use indoors or inside your camp but they can be very effective in warding off attackers that are approaching your base or camp. If used properly a bow and arrow can be a very effective weapon against home or camp invasions. There are special arrow tips that you can use for power and efficiency. Razor edged tips that can cause severe damage are called broad heads. There are also special arrows designed with a hook on the tip to cause more damage if the arrow is removed. Spear guns can also be used as effective medium range self defense weapons.

Bows and arrows are also very good perimeter defense weapons because they are silent. In a survival situation you need to have perimeter guard rotation to ensure the safety of your camp and your group. Rotate as many people as you have in your base so you will have a guard watching your front and rear entries and base camp lines during night and day.

Watch this video on how to set up and use your bow and arrow for self defense:

  • 12 Gauge Shotgun

Hitting your target is very important to successfully defend yourself or your family in a survival situation. If you are not a very good shot use a 12 gauge shotgun with buck shells that have a wider blast radius to highly increase your chances of hitting your target. Take time to do target practice so you will get use to its kick and power.

Some people prefer to use the smaller sawed off shotgun for easier maneuverability and concealment for close range fighting. This can be very effective when used inside your home. A sawed off shotgun may have a shorter effective range but it has a wider spread of shot making it very effective for indoor or base defense. Watch this short video on how to use a 12 gauge shotgun for self defense:


Large Close-Range Weapons

  • Tonfa or Police Baton

Tonfa or police baton is a very effective close range weapon. This is very effective against short range attack weapons like clubs and fists, knives, and shorter sticks. This weapon has been used by martial artists for hundreds of years. Tonfa is very easy to handle and use, to understand its full effectiveness some basic training is required so you can use it with precision, learn the handle moves as well as defensive blocks against shorter ranged attack weapons.

A lot of people prefer to use retractable batons because they are easier to conceal and carry. Retractable batons work by telescoping inward containing the entire stick within 6 – 8 inches. These can be easily packed or hidden in your boot, sock or leg holster, side pocket, under the seat of your car and even in your purse.

Checkout this video for instructions on how to use a baton for self defense:

  • Walking Sticks, Bo Staff, and Baseball Bats

These weapons are very effective in close range combat situations and can be easily accessed and used. Stick fighting is a very effective form of striking self defense weapon and can be traced back to the early years of martial arts weapon training. Watch this video tutorial for stick fighting self defense:

  • Knives, Hatchets, and Machetes

Knives, hatchets, and machetes are ideal survival self defense weapons as they can be used for many survival purposes as well. These equipment are perfect for close quarter self defense and can be used by anyone in your group for protection.

Having a knife and knowing how to use it are two very different things. If you get into a bad situation and pull our your knife, know that you’ll end up aggravating the assailant ever further. So if he knows what he’s doing, and you don’t, you might get killed whereas you were just getting robbed before. A good resource for learning is at Combative Training where they have training for knife fighting and defense including a healthy community, in-person workshops and personal video/Skype trainings.


Watch this video on how to use a knife and machete for self defense:


Martial Arts Self Defense Combat Fighting

Martial arts fighting is your last and best resort for self defense if you are unarmed. With martial arts training you will be able to effectively use the 9 human striking weapons which are your 2 fists, 2 knees, 2 elbows, 2 feet, and 1 head butt. In a survival self defense situation you need to use mind and extreme caution to defend against bigger and armed attackers.

The most popular forms of martial arts for self defense are karate, judo, aikido, muay thai or kick boxing and the most popular mixed martial arts. All of these disciplines will teach you techniques to utilize your body and turn it into an offensive weapon with different kick and punch techniques, arm and joint locks, as well as ground pinning techniques. You can also train to deliver lethal blows to neutralized your opponent and eliminate further threat.

A lot of martial arts are probably too complicated and require too much practice and repetitive movements to learn. Warrior Combative put together a training program on Reality Combat Jiu-jitsu And Self-defense Techniques To give you the tools you need to survive an encounter, without too much practice.  You can get the Training Tools, Techniques, And Coaching To Learn here.

Watch these videos for basic self defense techniques for each discipline:

  • Karate Basic Self Defense

  • Judo for Self Defense

  • Aikido Self Defense Techniques

  • Muay Thai Clinch for Self-Defense – Street Fighting Techniques

  • Self Defense & MMA Techniques

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