5 Essential Foods To Survive

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In these days we have highly advanced warning systems. Winter storms, hurricanes are really a surprising situation for us. Today it is shocking facts for us because now a day almost 55 percent of households of US do not have more than three day’s supply of food. Essential foods for surviving are those which are important for any type of emergency. Whether it is about survival in a disaster or in an emergency curfew survival food is important. In any country when any emergency situation began, there is a good chance local grocery stores are going to be stripped bare in a matter of hours.

Essential Survival Situation

In any situation of survival or when anyone wants essential food for surviving than people panic and try to stock up food on last minute. When people do not have enough food or the right kind of food stored in such situations it can be a big trouble. In essential food for surviving nutrition always plays a major role in maintaining our overall health and keep power in our body in any condition like in wild area during hiking, in disaster or an emergency or in the adversity times.

Importance in Emergencies

In these days we are prepared to face and handle the emergency situations where food supplies are struck and you need to invest in long time supply of food. This supply should be made up of almost three to four month and have a worth of emergency food that has a long life. In many countries, the grocery stores have six days supply of food on hand before they go bad. That means even short-term disasters like floods, hurricane, and earthquakes can cause struck of supply chain problems that will quickly sell out from their grocery store. In this article, we discussed the 5 Essential foods to survive which gives you proper health and energy during any type of survival situation. These types of food are given below.

  1. Olive oil
  2. Nuts and grain
  3. Homemade dried fruits
  4. Canned Foods
  5. Vitamins

1. Olive oil

In old days olive oil had much worth in the emergency or in a survival time. But many of oils do not have sufficient life for storage or in any survival situation. On the other hand, all type of oils is essential for cooking the food. Olive oil can also be used in the cooking of anything in which less oil consumed and give healthy meal with GoWISE Air Fryer. Because in GoWISE air fryer oil used in a little way not too much like deep fryers. If any disasters in any survival situation you want to fry anything then your best choice is olive oil because olive oil has a long life.

Olive Has the ability to last almost 4-5 years in any survival condition. Olive oil is multipurpose survival food and most known oil in the world. People even drink olive oil to stay energetic. It is usually used in the scenario of survivals where food supply is too hard. Olive Oil can also be used for survival for many other emergencies like for heal up the burning area of the body.

2. Nuts and Grain

In a survival scenario, one can use Nuts and Grains Together because when put them together produce a complete nutrient and protein similar to dairy and meat. You can also tend and come in dried forms that store well. If you store red wheat berries, they can be ground up and made into bread. Combine that with grain or nuts and you have a complete protein meal. You can get very creative in this area of store nuts and grain and it is also essential food for survival.

3. Homemade Dried Fruits

In the situation of survival, there is a need for essential food for surviving then homemade dried fruits play a versatile role in our meal. On the other hand, in a survival crisis, homemade dried fruits can help you for your digestive system healthy. Homemade Dried Fruits are also healthier because they have more proteins and carbohydrates so that’s why this type of food is a good choice in a time of survival. Homemade dried fruits have a high nutritional value of fresh fruits and the specific nutrient content of fresh fruits reflects the homemade dried fruits.

4. Canned Foods

In a survival situation, if you have to carry canned foods then you have much healthy food because canned food can remain safe and healthier instead of other. Mostly in canned food, the people of US prefer the canned tuna which is most healthy food in seawater. Canned tuna is also known as the chicken sea and is a good food for a survival scenario. Canned tuna listed in fewer meat products which are famous food for any survival or in a disaster situation. Canned tuna used for many purposes in survival like in salad, sandwiches’ and as dries food for eating.

Canned tuna is ready to eat that why it’s having worth for listed in survival foods. Canned tuna can be most delicious food in survival time and it’s ready to eat facility gives the edge to tuna for disasters and in survival times. Canned tuna has nutrients which have worth to survive in any emergency disaster or in a survival scenario. It is important to have such canned food stored because these types of food are easy to carry and store. Canned food has preserved nutritional value which not many other types of food have for such a long time. The factor of good taste is a luxury in the survival conditions but the food that provide that as well is no doubt the best way to go.

5. Vitamins

In the emergency for surviving in conditions of disasters, the deficiency of nutrition can destroy our energy and health rapidly. In that time, we need vitamins badly from any food or by any kind of meal. All type of vitamins is essential for one who is in survival time and they require limited amounts of the organism. They give us essential energy for surviving in such situation. We can take vitamins from the plant, vegetables and many of other forms of food.

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