Knife or Gun, Which Is Better for Self-defense?

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Self-defense is not something one should take lightly. A bad time can find you at any time which is why there is a need to stay prepared all the time. Traveling alone, traveling late at night, or carrying a lot of money are only a few of the many occasions that can put someone in danger. 

Therefore, before you depend on anyone, it is better to keep a weapon with you to take care of yourself and your family and friends. 

Do not be the victim of an attack, stay prepared by keeping a knife or a gun with you. It is a wise decision to keep a defense tool that you, one that you are comfortable with. There are several weapons available in the market. The common ones include a knife, gun, pepper spray or a tactical pen. 

So, what safety tool should you keep with you at all times for self-defense? The answer is simple, go for something easy to carry. You should not keep a weapon with you that you do not have good knowledge of. It might hurt you back. The attacker can also take advantage of your incompetence. 

The tactical knife is one device that you can keep. It is in-use for quite some time by not only females but males too. A knife can do a better job within 20 feet than a gun. Knives have multiple uses outside self-defense. 

There are several pocket knives as well that are light-weight and portable. You can keep a knife in your office bag, car dashboard or a side-table drawer. 

The perfect joker knife is the one that has a blade long enough to give severe cuts to the attacker. Make sure the knife you are using is at least 3 inches. The knife should have a steady grip that you feel comfortable to use. 

If you are looking forward to purchasing a knife, do not save money by buying something cheap. The tactical knife should have a sharp blade, stainless steel is a good option. Pocket clips are also available in the market that allows users to keep the knife clipped and secures. It locates your knife at a good place within your reach. 

Why is a Knife a better option than a gun?

If you are confused about what to keep for self-defense, here are some significant reasons that highlight why a knife is a better option than owning a gun. 

Firstly, knives are more publicly accepted. A normal gathering would not be as creped out by a knife than by a gun. Moreover, guns are heavy. 

They take up more space than knives which is why keeping them in your regular purse is not the most suitable option. The chances of missing your target with a knife are lesser than with a gun. 

Furthermore, using a gun requires special guidance. A license is required to use the gun legally. Therefore, for amateurs, a knife is the best option. Knives are usually available in the kitchen of every household. Kids will be more attracted to a gun than something they always witness in their kitchen. Guns also take time to load. They require more time to initiate than a knife. 

How can a gun be more effective?


Next, we can shed light on the use of a gun. A gun is a lethal weapon that can be pretty effective. It can help one shoot from a distance to a potential threat. If you point a knife at a group of attackers, they will not be scared than a gun being pointed at them. 

After taking formal classes, one can master the use of a gun and can use it for the safety of his family and friends. Knives do not scare off as well as a gun does. 

There are several occasions where the knives are taken away from the original owner and used by the attacker, making the matter worse. If used the right way, a gun will never miss its shot. People with a steady hand and adequate training always look forward to using a gun. 

The answer to purchasing a knife or a gun, in fact, depends upon the user. If you are ready to get proper training and licensing to use your gun the right way, then there is no better option. 

However, if you are always traveling and you do not want to crowd your bag with heavy items, a knife can be your self-defense item. 

A gun works better from a distance. It can scare the attacker from over 20 feet and alarm the other person that you are equipped to engage in a fight. A knife works better, up-close. It will help you in situations where the attacker is close to you. It can help cut ropes quickly.

There are several other options available in the market too. A Taser is one of these super cheap options. It is easy-to-carrying and uses. This tool imposes a non-lethal threat but works equally well than a knife and a gun. It will help you get away from the harsh situation.  

Pepper spray is another option that girls normally keep with them. It is a non-lethal option but pretty good against humans. You can order it online from any corner of the world. A good way to postpone the threat and can be used from short or long distances, both. 

Final Thought

The need to keep a knife or a gun is a good option but, the wise decision always lies on the suggestion to postpone the use of weapons for as far as possible. Try talking to the other person so that you avoid the situation from worsening. 

Moreover, people should also try to learn martial arts that teaches them self-defense. There are several awareness programs available that highlight the key factors that help recognize a criminal and know how to react best at situations like these. 

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