Best and Worst Millennial Fashion Trends

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Every year, fashion trends change and evolve, and millennials seem to be dead set on following them. They want to bring innovative ideas into the game and transform the world of style, and their creativity goes a long way into making them skilled fashionistas who know how to rock a good outfit and leave a lasting impression. Unfortunately, it also means that sometimes they try too hard and make a style blunder. Nevertheless, even mistakes can be learned from and this generation will continue to inspire us one way or another. Are you interested in some of the best and worst millennial trends that have graced the streets and the runways? Then keep on reading!

Best: bike shorts

This trend started its rise last year, and while we thought it would have died down by now, millennials seem to like it too much to let go. Surprisingly enough, it’s actually very versatile and fun, and it’s finally giving ladies a chance to wear shorts that actually reach past their bum and offer a tiny bit more coverage while staying completely slim and sexy. And it’s not just a sporty trend either—floral patterns, soft materials, light colors, all of these things can make a garment such as this one look downright romantic. A lot of gals love pairing them with short dresses and skirts, and guys wear them with suit jackets to interesting effect. From Jacquemus to Karl Lagerfeld, many runway collections are still showing off bike shorts as the next cool girl garment.

Worst: plastic anything

There’s a good reason people didn’t use to wear plastic garments—because they suck. While there’s something very futuristic about a transparent plastic trench coat, it’s undeniably impractical and lacks any form of versatility. It might look amazing on the runways, but anyone who shows up to work wearing a weird plastic jacket is bound to look a little silly. Not to mention that these kind of garments (especially if they are shoes) are deeply uncomfortable and will cause you to do nothing but swear profusely.

Best: cozy footwear

Here’s yet another trend that no one is letting go any time soon. Fashion is becoming oriented towards comfort, and things like chunky sneakers, Dr. Martens boots, and Teva sandals are very popular choices. If you’re sick and tired of blisters, high heels, and footwear that makes your legs hurt, now’s the perfect time to go for a cool pair of Adidas shoes that will look great, feel great, and be completely on trend. Don’t be afraid to incorporate cozy things into both every day and evening fashion because you really don’t have to suffer for beauty any longer.

Worst: feathers on shoes

While there are a few elegant and interesting models out there, for the most part, this trend just looks crazy. At best, you’ll look like you stomped on a bird. These kind of shoes are also really impractical—just imagine those soft, delicate feathers getting wet or dusty, and imagine what the shoes might look like after a few of the feathers have inevitably fallen out. The more you think about it, the less it makes sense.

Best: pockets

It seems insane that it took the fashion industry this long to give us what we’ve been craving for given that women have been complaining for years. Female clothing is particularly notorious for always lacking pockets for no good reason at all, so to think that we’ll finally be able to find dresses, pants, and jackets with big, useful pockets is great news! It helps that all of the new garments look exceptionally stylish and cool.

Worst: lurid colors

Designers have been pulling away from black garments for a while now, and the idea of bringing color and brightness into fashion is a great one. However, pairing neon green with brown accents isn’t particularly flattering on anyone’s skin tone, and certain patterns are really getting out of hand and becoming downright unbearable. Of course, there’s a much better take on this trend—pastels and solid brights. Why not try out a lavender suit or a magenta dress this spring? You’ll look lovely and eye-catching, but you won’t have to struggle making an ugly print work.

Remember, the most important part of fashion is experimenting and following your instincts, so feel free to wear whatever you like as long as it makes you happy.

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