10 Ways To Use A Survival Bracelet

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What is a Survival Bracelet? This is a bracelet that you use that is constructed out of parachute cable. This started out as something used by individuals as well as others that like the outdoors. The perk of this item is that it consists of concerning 8 feet of the popular parachute cable that has actually been found to be a really valuable or even important product to have when out in the wild. The usages for it are limitless; it can be utilized for something as easy as floss or an important as making a snare or a net to capture some life saving meals.

Today Survival Bracelets (like these) are not only a life-saving article yet have actually come to be fashionable due to the many colors in which parachute cable is now offered. There are numerous styles of these bracelets that fit the different tastes and styles folks have nowadays. If you want to make and make your own there are numerous video clips to teach you ways to make them. Popular shades now include black, brownish, white, desert, camouflage, olive, neon shades, orange, blue, purple, yellow, reflective shades and also almost and also color you can want.

A lot of campers, army individuals as well as travelers favor to have survival bracelet every time they head out and hang around outdoors. They in fact find this bracelet quite valuable. Below are 10 uses of this outstanding bracelet that merely may help you survive outdoors or make your outdoor and also journey more delightful as well as problem free.

1. Dental Hygiene (Floss)

Keeping your mouth clean is very important when surviving or camping outdoors. It helps keep harmful bacteria from your mouth and avoid potentially fatal diseases that could cost you and your family’s chances of survival.

2. Cutting Meat and Defense Against Wild Animals

Some survival bracelets have small pocket knives included inside them which can be very useful in creating snare traps, fire holes, and cutting meat and fish. A good sharp knife is also very useful in warding off wild animals and unwanted camp invaders.

3. Repairing backpacks and clothes

Ripping your clothes or backpacks are unavoidable when surviving outdoors. You can use a thin thread of paracord from your survival bracelet to patch up tears and holes in your clothes and backpack to make them useful again.

4. Trail Marking and Alarm System

By unwinding your survival bracelet and you can use its paracord pieces as trail markers by tying them around branches and easily visible paths so you and members of your group don’t get lost when surviving outdoors. You can also use the paracord as alarm system by rigging it with bells so you can hear when someone is approaching your camp site.

5. First Aid

A survival bracelet can also be used for first aid purposes when surviving outdoors. You can use it as a tourniquet to limit blood loss and a sling to hold broken bones in place.

6. Fire Starter

You can use your survival bracelet to start a fire by doing the “Bow” method by using a handmade bow made from your bracelet to create friction between two pieces of wood.

7. Trapping Food

Survival bracelets are made up of strong material paracord that can be used to create snare traps for hunting small game on the ground for food and ration.

8. Fishing

By unweaving your survival bracelet you can attach a hook and bait to your paracord to make good survival fishing hook or rod. If you don’t have a hook you can use the interior strands of your survival bracelet to make a gill net which you can you can use to catch fish.

9. Creating Shelter

The strong paracords of survival bracelets are excellent to use for tying branches and logs together to create a strong outdoor shelters like the “lean-to” survival shelter.

10. Shoe Repair

Having a good and sturdy footwear is very important when surviving outdoors. There are instances when you may loose your shoe strings especially when trekking the woods and clearing, by using a strand of paracord from your survival bracelet you can have a reliable replacement for your shoe string and save your mobility outdoors.

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