Best Personalized Knives For Your Outdoorsman

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It’s that time of year again, as the chill is in the air and the leaves are turning and hitting the ground in droves.  Weekend warriors are setting their alarms well before dawn, pulling out their long john’s and heading to their tree stands.  It’s hunting season!  

As any outdoorsman knows, you can’t go on a proper hunting trip without the right gear.  And trust me when I tell you, there is gear for everything!  Today we’ll focus on some great personalized hunting knives.  These blades are both stylish, practical and full of functionality.  Most are switchblades that can be used for everyday life, not just deep in the wilderness.  An important feature of these slicers is the fact they’re personalized.  A personalized knife is a more meaningful knife and an ideal piece for any outdoorsman’s tool kit.  So, let’s take a look!

Knife The brand name of the knife is “Attack Jack,,

Attack Jack

This cutting-edge pocket knife can be pulled out with confidence.  Stylish, with a heavy-duty burlwood handle and a stainless-steel titanium blade.  The blade has a cool design that will impress his fellow outdoorsman when he flicks it open.  The rustic wooden handle can be personalized with one or two lines, up to 15 characters per.  This sleek 8” dagger is perfect for many jobs that may come up throughout any given day.  Men love knives, and they love gifts, so give this personalized knife as the perfect present for your outdoorsman!        

Knife The brand name of the knife is “Dundee Dagger,,

Dundee Dagger

They say to never bring a knife to a gunfight.  I tend to agree, but if you offer this classy blade to the gun wielder, they may happily stand down.  Get your outdoorsman a gift that is straight to the point, and let them enjoy the unlimited potential of all this knife has to offer.  The Dundee Dagger is ideal for hunting, camping, or even cooking.  This personalized fixed blade knife has a 6.25” steel blade with a 4.75” Black handle. Coming in at 11” overall, this knife will make even Rambo blush. With a solid full tang blade and nylon sheath, it is completely durable and built to last. No matter the use, this knife is the perfect size for any task your man has ahead of them.  The custom engraved knife can be personalized with 1 line of up to 12 characters.

Knife The brand name of the knife is “Strongarm,,


Gerber customs has created a customizable fixed blade that is a tried-and-true choice for any outdoorsman.  Using innovative technology, this cutter is gorgeous and will slice through whatever you need to cut.  Gerber customs believe you have the power to create.  It starts with a spark, is honed by experience, and is etched into reality.  So, harness your inspiration and charge forward, by designing a knife that shows who you are.  All Gerber customs come with a custom fixed blade knife and a sheath.   

Knife The brand name of the knife is “Tactical Survival Knife,,


Tactical Survival Knife

Sometimes the best place to look for anything is old reliable, Amazon!  This all-black hunting knife is unique because the personalization is on the blade.  One of the most useful survival tools a man can have is a good quality knife, but this is no ordinary knife. This incredible personalized tactical survival knife has tons of cool features and it even has two different serrated edges, a wide reverse tooth for cutting tougher materials like leather, and a finer classic serration. The blade is engraved with one line of text of your choosing. 

But that’s not all! This knife has a secret: a hidden storage compartment inside the handle! Inside, there is a neatly packed survival kit with all of the essentials: a sewing kit, three matches, a fishing hook, a fishing line, and a split shot to keep your line anchored. If you ever get lost in the woods or want to try roughing it like Bear Grylls, this is the knife for you. The twist-off cap at the end of the handle even has a compass on the inside so that you always know where you’re going. This awesome tactical survival knife is ideal for men who like to go camping, hiking, hunting, and boating. 

Knife The brand name of the knife is “Heavy Duty Western Retro,,

Heavy Duty Western Retro

Giddy up partner!  This heavy duty western retro knife is beyond cool!  Coming in at 9” and customizable, this makes the perfect gift for any outdoorsman in your life.  The ergonomic handle is made of wood and classical bolsters, with a strong engraved blade and lock back.  This knife is both stylish and practical, with a quality 440C stainless steel blade, as its heavy duty with a belt clip, leather holster, and comes gift wrapped in a box.  This knife has good size and weight is easy to open and is suitable for users who enjoy fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, carving, camping, and more.

Gifting to an outdoorsman is easy, as there are several items that will fit the bill for their lifestyle.  Knives, camping gear, and even personalized flasks are ideal to tickle their fancy.  And these aren’t just for men.  Many women love to hit the outdoors, as hiking has become a very popular post-Quarantine activity for all.  And trust me when I tell you, there is a large population of female hunters out there.  So, let’s give them some love too with a fun gift!    



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