Uses and Benefits of The Double Stack 1911

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The 1911 handgun models are one of the most used handguns in the world. However, these handguns have a major disadvantage; their low capacity. Double-stack handguns are the solution to this. Double-stack 1911 has become more popular these days, and it is worthy of note to discuss the benefits of these guns. You may want to know the difference between a single and double stack. A single stack magazine holds its ammunition in a straight column, with only seven bullets. In contrast, the double-stack stores its ammunition in a staggered column and can hold double the amount of ammunition.

Many double-stack 1911s are available in the market today. Few of the best double stack 1911 that will deliver desirable results include Remington R1 .45 ACP, Springfield 1911 TRP operator, and Rock Island G1 Standard FS HC 45 ACP. If you plan to carry a pistol or are considering upgrading your single stack 1911 to a double stack, here are the advantages you will get from a double stack 1911.

Benefits Of Double Stack 1911

1. More Magazines or Rounds

Double stack 1911 offers more bullets than the standard 1911 pistols. This is because it has more capacity and can carry as many as 13-21 bullets. This advantage is the major edge that double stacks have over their counterpart, the single stack 1911. Due to these double-digit rounds, it can be used for self-defense. Imagine facing an assailant in a real-life scenario; seven rounds may not be enough if you are not a veteran or in close contact with your attacker. Also, your adrenaline will kick in, making it easier to miss the target. Sometimes your skill may not be enough. The undue advantage of having extra bullets might be your life saver in emergencies as it might be difficult for you to reload. In cases where you are far from extra mags, double stacks are your best bet.

2. Better Recoil and Handling

Double stack 1911s are heavier than single stacks. This makes them have less recoil. The extra magazine size provides additional weight that can help minimize the recoil. This provides you with better accuracy and rapid-fire. The double-stack size also makes it an alternative weapon to use when you run out of ammo. Apart from having less recoil and being used as an alternative weapon, the thicker profile of double stacks makes it more suitable for people with larger hands to hold. If your hands are big, then double stacks might be your choice of 1911s.

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3. Concealment and Reliability

Many people believe that it is difficult to conceal double stacks. However, this is not always true. Double stacks like Remington R1 .45 ACP have small sizes and are not much different from single stacks. If you can conceal a single stack 1911, you can also conceal a double stack. It is easier if you have thicker clothing like jackets or sweaters. Also, in most situations, you don’t need to conceal your 1911. Cops do not need to conceal their weapons, so double stacks may be their best weapons. Double stacks are also as reliable as they can get. It has rapid-fire rates and does not bind. When it comes to getting the job done, double stacks are just as reliable as single stack 1911s.

Take Away

The single edge of having an unfair advantage with extra rounds is enough reason to prefer a double-stack over a single stack 1911. In a gunfight, it is better to have more bullets than less. However, the advantage derived from double stacks will better be utilized with training. Train your gun handling and accuracy. With consistent training and the advantage of your double stack 1911, you are sure to get through any attack!

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