Six Houseplant Trends that Will Dominate the Market This 2020

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Millennials are once again getting into getting houseplants. With its numerous benefits, there is no surprise that more and more people are hopping into this trend. Here are five trends that are expected to take off in 2020. 

The interest for indoor plants has been booming once again as more people hop to the trend. This boom is started because of the millennial’s desire to have something to care for and nurture. It’s also the result of urbanization and a household products of interior design. 

People who take care of plants are known to receive mental and physical benefits in doing so. Whatever the cause of the trend might be, here are some of the expected big hits for houseplants in 2020.

Houseplant trends that will dominate the market in 2020

1. Colorful foliage

A color-rich houseplant can catch the attention of every person who will visit your home. There are a lot of varieties to choose from, which you can add to make your collection more enticing. Here are some of the examples that you can choose from. 


Caladium is a tropical-like plant known for its streak of pink and white. It can be usually
planted using pots or dormant tubers. It will look very organically on your decorative laminate. This plant likes to bask in a place with plenty of natural light and warmth. For gardens, Caladium is usually used to accompany other plants.

Prayer Plant (Rabbit Tracks)

Known in some places as Rabbit Tracks, the Prayer Plant gives a bright yellow and crimson combination to your collection. One of its most notable characteristics is that it closes its leaves at night. You can use it for a variety of styles. 


Hosta is a plant known for its leaves that has blue or green and white streaks. Unlike Caladium, Hosta is known as shade plants and doesn’t need a lot of sunlight. The rule of thumb for this plant is that the lighter the leaves are, the more sunlight it needs.

2. Rare succulents 

Another plant trend for 2020 is the boom of rare succulents or those that have cactus-like characteristics. It’s already a popular houseplant option for people who likes a low-maintenance garden. This upcoming year, the rarer the succulent plant is, the more popular it would be. Here are some of the best rare succulents’ examples. 

“Ruby Necklace”

The Othonna capensis or Ruby Necklace is a succulent plant characterized by its green and purple color combination. It is usually used as a trailing decoration and grows fast under bright sunlight. If you want a brighter purple color, place this plant in direct sunlight. 

“Little Jewel”

Pachyveria or “Little Jewel” is a succulent plant characterized by spiky leaves. Several colors thrive in this plant, with blue, red, and violet hues appearing on different light conditions. Proper Pachyveria care includes lots of sunshine and well-draining soil. 

“Calico Hearts”

Adromischus maculatus or Calico Hearts is known for its heart-shaped leaves and its purple spots. It is usually grown outside, but can still thrive indoors with sufficient light. If you want to see its flowers, you’ll have to grow it outside to receive enough light. 

3. Multi-purpose houseplant

House plants are not only for decorations, a lot of people like to nurture plants for different purposes. Different house plants can help in repelling mosquitoes such as Lavender, citronella, and even catnip. Aloe vera, golden pothos, and areca palm trees can help in cooling down the room. Indoor plants such as citrus and orchids can also keep the room smell fresh with scent. Herbs such as parsley, chives, mint, basil, and cilantro can be grown indoors and can be used to improve your food. 

4. More interest in plant parenting

According to The Guardian, more and more Millenials are getting interested in taking care of plants. Based on the expert statements, social media seems to have a big contribution to this trend. This is attributed to the growing desire of young adults to nurture something such as pets, and recently, plants. 

5. Low-maintenance is the key 

Unlike pets, however, indoor plants don’t need a lot of commitment. It is known for its low-maintenance and cheap expenses (you only need to water it). In Australia alone, it is reported that two out of five Australians bought a low-maintenance plant to take care of. Most nurseries also recorded great sales in recent years. 

6. Involvement of tech 

As the tech industry starts to catch up with the plant needs of people all around the world, smart devices that help in keeping plants alive have been made. There are even smart pots that will walk the plant in the sunlight and will throw a tantrum when the owner forgot to water it.


Houseplants are great additions to the overall aesthetics and interior of your home. You can make it work by getting the best plant that fits into the house theme and your lifestyle. For more information about taking a houseplant, be sure to check more of our blog posts. Enjoy the wonderful experience of getting your garden at home.

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