How to Take Care of Yourself During Winter

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Winter may be considered the most magical time of the year when it first arrives, but as January and February drag on, it tends to grind people down.  Cold weather makes us want to go out less, we crave comfort foods, and many people have to deal with dry skin and seasonal colds.  As isolating as this season may be, it doesn’t have to be miserable!  Here are the top things you can do to take care of yourself through the longest winters.

Moisturize Well

Cold air has less moisture in it, and because of this, our skin and hair will dry out a little more than usual.  It doesn’t cause a significant change for some people, while others end up with split lips and chapped knees and hands.  To avoid an eczema flare-up, especially with how much hand sanitizer everyone’s been using lately, make sure to lotion often and drink plenty of water.  If you notice your lips crack, keep a tube of chapstick with you at all times.  Another great option would be to invest in a humidifier for your home since it will hydrate you in and out and keep you from getting cracking and peeling skin.

Take Care of Your Mind

In the winter, we have less Vitamin D available to us, and we socialize less than we would during spring or summer.  With long weeks and months spent indoors, many people face mental health problems.  Known as a seasonal affective disorder, or seasonal depression, many people have to struggle to feel like their usual selves.  Tasks that should be fun, like cooking together with family, or looking at Vancouver homes for sale, can be harder to enjoy.  Talk to a professional if these feelings persist, and consider reaching out to those who love if you’re feeling lonely.

Find An Outdoors Activity

Although cold weather can make being outside feel unbearable, you can make the most of it!  Time your outings when the temperature is highest, and dress in as many layers as necessary to keep warm.  You don’t have to take up a cliche like ice skating or snowboarding, but consider activities you can enjoy.  You could take a fifteen- to thirty-minute walk every day, or instead, you could spend time planting bulbs for your spring garden.  Have fun with it and keep warm!

Never Go Outside Damp

Modern lives are full of rushing from place to place and heading out the door almost as soon as you wake up.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of time there to blow dry your hair if you like to shower in the morning.  Stepping out into the cold while you’re still damp or wet from the shower can weaken your immune system.  Although a temperature change won’t automatically get you sick, it’s enough to drop your immune system so that your body will have a more challenging time fighting it off if you come in contact with the flu or a virus.  Help protect yourself from sickness by either showering the night before or waking up earlier so you can fit in some blow-drying time.

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